I Saw a Dream
I saw a dream, and there were you, And there was coldness in your eyes. I wonder what a kind of true Made you become as cold as ice. And later I looked back to get a sense This empty glance was hellish call of past. It used to be a high and strong defense Against the world, the pain and me at last. You looked at me, and peering in your soul, I felt so lonely, as something vital died. And that is what I fear most of all - That nothing gentle will remain inside. Inside of you. Inside of me as well. And nothing will be said to farewell.
2018-07-26 12:30:06
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Mehak Kapoor
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Марго Форевер
@Илва Стрельцова Українській прапор? А ви хоч українську знаєте? Бо раніше на російскій болтали і мабуть підтримували їх чи соблюдали нейтралітет
2023-03-28 20:21:37
Илва Стрельцова
"Болтали" і "соблюдали" - російські слова. Почніть з себе.
2023-03-28 20:25:01
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