Anthony Ryabusha
Кочерга Витгенштейна
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О корректности использования термина "партизанский" относительно Европы времен высокого средневековья
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Look up!
Look up! This is light, that leads me to the fight Look up! This is cosmos, where all has begun Look up to the stars, that slip from the sky All stars have fallen, except for the one I am back after I have heard a death knell It calls only four times - at last I will stand! My hell was made from the flash in this shell The shields were crushed by my own hand I was deep in this madness of the gold and the white I was weak as a foam that passes with waves Then I saw how the dark has changed to the light Then I saw how magnetic is crushing my aims To die in this battle wasn’t my fate While corrupted bullets were scratching my hud I was going ahead by the confident gait I was leaving behind me a trail of blood The circle is forming when all paths are bent The last song is dying absorbed by war Look up! this is light - my unsubstantial friend Look up! this is cosmos what turned my part
forgotten land
There no flowers, no liquid stones The heroes here fallen and wizards are gone but every year louder become(s) the forgotten island memory’s call there’s only the snow and hoary moon and fire in the sky, with the colour of rave and every night there is start of a war and every morning sun rises in the blood And shadows of dead leave into the void to return into midnight battle again despair is hurting stronger then blade what we had lost they can’t take away the honk of the bird sounds like echo “come home!” but our homes can’t be found, as they gone and charmed by aeonic winter she sleeps the land where ways start, the land where ways ends
dream before advent
our battle is done not for us stars will shine ‘till we hear the call we will rest in the shrine not the peace we have brought but the balance on the edge of the blade we will be back when we should and the debts for the truth will be paid sing the sky! sing the stars! sing before it’s not too late! sing the song of ancient wars! sing our affliction! sing our fate!