Chapter 1: First Day Of School.
Settled In
Chapter 1: First Day Of School.
Melissa looked at her new school, holding her mother's hand, she entered the building and went to the school office. 'Do I have to go here?' Melissa asked sadly. Her mother looked at Her, as if she was going to say something bad. or if she was in trouble, 'It's too far,' Ruquil, Melissa's mother, said as she signed Melissa up.
After that, The man in the office, Ben Fisdon, leaded her to her new classroom. He knocked on the door, a teacher named 'Mrs Limelight' answered. 'You must be Melissa? Come in,' Mrs Limelight said, softly.  

  • I stepped in to the front. I saw my best friend, Lillia Thomas, We waved at Each other. 'This is our new pupil,' said Mrs Limelight as she sat on her chair. 'Take a seat next to Lillia, please,' Mrs Limelight said softly as Melissa nodded and sat next to her with a smile. 'Nice to see you 😀😀' whispered Lillia. 'You too, again,' Melissa whispered back. We began the lesson and worked REALLY hard. After working, Miss read us a book for that last 24 minutes before playtime. The book was called, 'The teddy and the lion.'
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Ambre Stievenart
Chapter 1: First Day Of School.
What grade is Melissa in?
2018-07-17 03:46:28
pawan kaur
Chapter 1: First Day Of School.
what grade is Melissa in
2018-07-24 10:49:34
Heaven Boone
Chapter 1: First Day Of School.
I love it👉👈🐷🐑
2020-04-24 15:39:43