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Білий дим
Незвичайний білий дим Розмалював мою реальність. Я загубилась в світі тім, Що яскравіший за віртуальність. Додав відтінку звукам та словам, І щось домалював фантазією, І від усього крутилась голова Міняючи розмови на короткі фрази. А з пам'яті все головне зникало, З дитячой дурістю мене залишивши. І адекватність тихо покидала Мене одну разом із дивной тишею. Червоні очі зависали на звичайному , Про що раніше взагалі не думала, І все здавалось, якось нереально , Про головне, давно уже забула я. А хтось постійно грав із гучністю, Тяжкими руки почали здаватися, І непомітно зникла вся напруженість , Хотілося від сміху плакати. Але на інший день прокинувшись, Так й не змогла всього згадати. Той незвичайний дим загадкою залишиться За відчуття, яких не описати.
I am not a racist!
(A religious hindu and a muslim boy meets in a cafe. They start a conversation on the inauguration of 'Ram' temple in India.The hindu boy speaks loudly..) I am not a racist but what do you know about our culture? Why you all are whining and acting like a damn vulture! It's not just a temple for us,it's a sacred place.. You can't understand, you are just mess! Why are you all staying here? go to pakistan.. You guys have your own country,just leave hindustan! We respect cows as mother,you think them as meat! Why you guys take advantage of quota,for entrance seat?? You live in India and plan against us You all are terrorists,why should we trust? I am not a racist, everything has both sides I want to know yours,tell me what you decide? (Muslim boy starts his talking..) I am not racist,but think about us too.. Was it really necessary to break babri masjid for you? I thought India is a secular country,is it a lie? I agree some of us love pakistan,but you want to kick us all. why?? Don't talk about culture,we all are here for a long time.. Not all of us terrorists.. Trying to kill all of us! Isn't it a crime? We eat beef cause we like it.. If we start to respect fish, wouldn't you eat? There is problem in both sides.. Do you want another genocide? There is fault in both of us, ain't it true.. I told you my story, tell me your view! ( Hindu boy stays silent.Both of them shake hands and promise each other that they will try to make India again a better place.. They won't be second Mahatma Gandhi and Mohammad Ali Jinna!!)
Земля квітучої країни здригнулась Старий Дніпро похитнувся в берегах Світи розрізали стражданням І знов омило кров'ю нашу землю, Яка просякне наскрізь кургани І пробудить наших пращурів, Які торкнуться лоба своїх нащадків Вдихнуть у нас чуття незборимої боротьби І не залишиться від ворогів і духу Бо нема сильніше за синів та дочок славетних козаків
She holds a mystery in her eyes. She has a secret in her heart. She is as fierce as a lion. She is the Queen of her own world she lives in. She is strong as a tiger. She is brave as a warrior. She fights for all. She has an enthusiastic spirit. She asks questions. But She answers a lot more questions Than she asks. And She leads like a true hero. She is The wind of change or the Mistral that cuts through the clouds and Brings freshness and change all around. She has a charisma of her own. She is beautiful. She has the power to educate everyone around. She dedicates herself to the most. She guides her children to a better path. She has many faces, Vivid hues, Different attitudes towards different people, Many moods. But The storm in her heart rages as powerfully as it had been raging since the beginning. The fire burns inside her with the same intensity throughout. She is a Woman. She is an all-rounder. DEDICATED TO ALL WOMEN OUT THERE. HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY. #TSA2020 #8thMarch #HappyWomensDay #BestDay #Women #Feminist ************************
You have been my guide Ever since anything started. You have been my best friend, A true best friend. Your love with never stop showering. You will be the ultimate one To protect me. My heart is wrapped with your Love and affection. You carry all the pain In your heart without uttering a single word. I do not have enough words to explain your quality. You set an example in front of my eyes. You are the one who Inspires me to break all limits And Explore and get the best of all. You are the best creation of God. Nothing can ever stop you. You are like the Moon to my Earth. You are the best And You will be the best. You cannot be compared to anyone else. You are your own comparison. Dear mother, I love you.... ***** 10.5.2020
Life changes you../жизнь меняет тебя ..
An ice cream,can melt.A clock,can stop ticking.A heart,can stop beating.An ice-cube,can dissolve.A rainbow can dissapear,and a storm can arrive.A person can come,but they can also go.A tree can grow,but it can die.An animal can live,but can get killed.A heart can be whole,but it can be broken.Hope,can turn into dissapointment.A dream,can turn into a nightmare.A story can start,but can end.A happy ever after,is not always true.All these things changed,just like we do after everything that happens to us. Lillian xx #TSA2020
The more you'll hurt me, I'll break down the more just for some time. But listen, After some days, you'll see me stronger than ever. You'll see me fly in the sky like a bird. You'll see me roar like a lioness. Overall, you will see A better and improved version of me. You'll see me loaded with courage. You see me ignore you in front of you only. And if you will ask me how this happened, I'll tell you: You gave me my transformation potion. And I hope that won't disappoint you. ******
Let's Change
Please. I cannot live this jam-packed life anymore. I just can't. Everything has turned black. It's like a life, amidst charcoal, ashes. Darkness, sorrow and depression, anxiety has surrounded us. Why don't you think of living a good life? Why don't you think of starting things all over again? Everything is just scattered here and there. I cannot just live a life like this. This is becoming a nightmare for me day by day. Come on. Let's start things newly from today. I guarantee you, that it will be a 100% better life. I promise you, that we will be fine. Let's live a colourful life once again, But not in a world of fantasy, but reality. Because of course, the world hasn't changed, We are changing. Let's live a real life, A buoyant one, a gratified and beatific one. Not a disconsolate and woebegone life. Let's be happy, And see the world from a new point of view.
The Forgotten Queen
She got the crown, She wore it on her head with pride. But she didn't know, That it will be a headache for her. She misused her powers. She misused her position. She didn't care about her subjects. What she only looked after, was her territory. What she was wanted was, False praise, Money. She was very powerful. She loved warfare, blood and death. She was evil. She strengthened her army more and more, And conquered other lands. No one ever dared to fight against her. This could not go on. This just couldn't. She needed to be defeated. Day and night her subjects cried out in pain and agony: We want peace, We want to bring justice to our land. And really, One day, she got defeated. Her crown, which she took pride in was seized away from her. She couldn't do anything. Today, she is a loser. She is drowned. SHE IS A FORGOTTEN QUEEN TODAY. ( Drawing by me too.😊 ) ******
Посивілий чоловік
Чоловік посивілий і, мабуть, скажений Зустрівся якось мені на дорозі. «Ми не знайомі - годі дивитись на мене!» «Пані! Ви зараз впізнати не в змозі...» Здається, зустрілись ми вранці - Листопад панував лиш стужений, А той чоловік простягнув свої пальці І торкнувся застиглих легенів... І змусив серце здригнутись Від кашлю, від сліз і від болю - І далі ділити безбожник цей рушить Світ на щасливих і хворих... «Дихати важко...» - «А може, застуда?» Та ні! Я ж його пам'ятаю обличчя!.. Тисячі, мільйони - хворіють люди... Ну що ти коїш, тінь-чоловіче?! «Дихай лише!» - молитва народів. І побачить проміння би сонячне!.. Згинь, чоловіче! Годі вже! Годі! «Дихай лише!» - а дихати боляче... А він дивився на нас і сміявся - Охоплюють пальці його тисячі Легень і душ хворо-нещасних!.. Люди! Ми винні в усьому самі...
Continue to sleep With your dreams, Or Wake up to chase them, The next And beyond! We must always turn our Dreams into plans, And plans into reality. Sometimes dreams are the Sources of big Achievements. Never stop dreaming, Cause dreams are meant to be enjoyed by all. Always remember that, Only you can see your own dream. No one can see your dream for you. So, Always shape your own dream Into reality, Cause no one can shape your dream. But you know something? You can always make someone's Dream come true by encouraging them to work for it and fulfill it. ********
They deserve it
Some people deserve More than better But They don't get enough Credit, Or don't even get what they should. Just because They cannot stand up and say so, People use them, Make the most use of them. And that's why This is the situation today. Enough, There is time, But to a limit. It's time, those people stand up And open their mouth. *****
Сидить сорока в бункері. Дзелень, дзелень. Шкільна дзвіниця. Щось сталося? Кажи та не мовчи. Домашній вежі під замком, Струни ілюзії думок. Людських особ, осуджень він страшиться. Рідко на вулицю помчиться, Кошти батьків: ресурс то проживання. Близьким апатія набридла. Допогли знайти роботу. Не може звикнути суспільстві. Одомашнена людина ниє від болісного дискомфорту. Начебто трохи стало тепленько серед персон.
My motto and you
My motto is simple: I don't need anyone, Who doesn't need me. And I will understand That when my need is Finished, And also When you have Finished using me, For your need. *******
There was a time, When people laughed at her. Made fun of her looks. Pressurized her. Betrayed her. Let her down. Misunderstood her. Abused her. She lost her dignity in the society she lived. She lost her magnificence. Her personality. But suddenly, Something happened. People didn't know how but She totally changed. People thought that she consulted Someone. But she developed it on her own. She looked at her condition for many days. She understood that she could not remain like that for days. She remembered the inhumanity she faced. That day, she stood up strong. Once more she became a solemn person. She retrieved her personality. Her beauty, poise. Her magnificence. That day, she stood up To stand against those inhumane people. And she came to be known by more people for her Bravery, Self-esteem, Morality. And that was how she became a True person. All girls need to stand out strong In this world, In today's world. #TSA2020 **************
Не бува неважливих предметів, Не бува неважливих наук! А група веселих студентів Серця чує лиш стук... Душа виходить із гаслом: «Позаду, позаду печаль!» – Нехай же ніколи не згасне Вогник стремління в очах! Чекає попереду Всесвіт, Готує душа монолог... Клянуся носити із честю Майбутнє звання: педагог!
Real Deal
I don't just fall For anyone. When I will choose you as my true and best friend, You will know That it's my Real deal And you need to be with me In all seasons of life. *****
. . . . When the day Ends beautifully And there is always That one beautiful moment That makes your day, That too When there is a calm river Just to complete the Scenario. (Photography done by me too.😊 But it is the background picture, so it does not look good. But I can say, the picture looks good, I am not showing off but it looks good. The colour combination especially.)
Місячна ніч
Місячна ніч, кроваві стежини, Збирають зірки гріхи полонених, Сьогодні співають прекрасні дівчини І просять прощення священне! Ми просимо небо прийняти цей дар І повернути цим душам нещасним Притулок земний і право на рай! І місяць затвердить вчинок негласний. Нехай візьме вогонь і серце, і душу! Нехай вогонь поверне їм спокій! І зійде вода річкова на сушу! І згине! І згине кат сей і злодій! _________________________ 🍒 Із книги авторки «Вишневий відблиск місяця» — https://www.surgebook.com/rogate666/book/vishneviy-vidblisk-misyacya
Guys I am trying to draw the image which I set on the background of this. Let's see how it turns out. I'll publish it when done With the title 19)My work Wish me luck guys! Love, Stella! ❤
Що небо впаде...
Здається, що завтра небо впаде, Здається, що завтра не буде, Що буде палати країна вогнем І здригатись від жаху і лютті. Здається, що більше не буде весни, Що ти не подивишся в небо — Не може, напевно, і світ без війни, Кому це, мій янголе, треба? Здається, що завтра стежками Поллється і наша, і ворога кров — Світ залишає криваві знов плями, Цей світ божеволює знов. За вікном же гудуть вертольоти, Над головою вже майже війна — Здається, сьогодні є справи, турботи, А завтра, можливо, є тільки вона... Знаєш, із тих я, за край хто помре, І хоч смілива, я — віриш? — боюся: Сьогодні здалося, що небо впаде — Я благаю, мій світе, вгамуйся!
Soy apatrida
No tengo desir Te quién eres, quién soy, Tú sabes futuro, pasado y hoy, Para qué mueres Tú tienes razón, Y éste razón es mi mal corazón. En la Tierra hay muchas edades, Culturas, sueños, voluntades... Cada persona obtiene su sentido, Si no encontré, ya es un agredido. No tiene feliz, no tiene el paz, Y, realmente, está con disfraz. Creo, qué jamás yo estoy sóla, Él me da silencio en batahola. Pués, de Dios fui toda la vida. Estoy mirando al cielo. Soy apatrida.
It was a cold, silent night With the wind howling Over her head. But she wasn't afraid. She walked through the deep, dark jungle. And suddenly A pack of hungry wolves Started walking eerily behind her. One was rambling, one was limping But all of them had that same hungry look in their eyes. But she did not run away. She fought with those. She got wounded, But she did not step back. She fought with those and then walked further. That proves that she was courageous. She did not behave like a coward. And she could do that Because She focused on her goals, And not obstacles. *******
За мить розпочнеться війна
За мить розпочнеться війна, розтануть останні сніги. Вода перетвориться в кров, що ллється з чиєїсь руки. А вчора тримала вона, за пальці своїх дітей. Якби ж тоді знала вона, що завтра уже не прийде. Хтось стріляє поміж груди, Кулями несе біду. Марить смертю і сльозами. Я ж — ненавиджу війну. За мить розпочнеться війна, закінчиться віра в любов. Краса не врятує цей світ, цей світ не врятує ніщо. А десь проростає трава між гільзами, що не знайшли. Якби ж тоді знали вони, за що помираємо ми. Хтось стріляє поміж груди, Кулями несе біду. Марить смертю і сльозами. Я ж — ненавиджу війну.