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Discover new possibilities for online publishing

Read. Write. Share.

Surgebook is a platform where anyone can create his online book and share it with the world with ease.


Create and publish your books on any topic. Gather subscribers and widen your audience.


Create handy documentation for your product. Introduce changes and keep data applicability high with ease.


Do you publish in a blog or social media often? Gather it all in one place and publish your interesting diary for anyone to download and read on the way.

Online magazine

Publish your own online magazine using ready-to-use design units and interactive elements.

Online book editor

To create something new we have started from the top. We have created an incredibly simple and powerful editor. Never before did e-books possess such huge possibilities and responsiveness.

Unit composition system

Add pictures, video, audio, maps and other interactive elements to your book. Ready-to-use design units will help you formalize your content in couple of clicks.

Individual chapter publication

Are you working on a new chapter in a book? Make it visible for users only when it is complete.

Anna Dyneka

"For me text publishing was never this easy and fast. I can feel that this project is created first and foremost for users. Really cool!”

Your personal page

You are getting your very own personal page for free, where all your information and content is going to be.

All publications in one place

All your published books are going to be represented on your page. They will be easy to find and read thanks to comfortable sorting and search system.

Gather subscribers

Anyone can subscribe to you and follow your refreshments and new publications.

Widen your audience

Specify all the necessary information for your followers and find new readers.

Book page

After you publish your book you will get a unique page with all important information. Readers would be able to share your book with ease, add it to their library, leave a comment, like it and a lot more.

Publishing and refreshing in one click

To publish a book you only need to press a single button. Refreshing it is just as simple. Each time youre editing and saving your book in editor it refreshes automatically.

SEO optimization

We took care for search engines to find your book and index it correctly.

Comfortable reading mode

Just text. Nothing in excess.

Comfortable chapter navigation

Surf needed chapters and sub-chapters with ease.

Possibility to put thumbnails

Just something interesting and important in a book? Make a thumbnail and save required information.


Leave comments to a text while you’re reading.

In-built cover creator kit

Create beautiful covers for your books.
Use the free library of first-class photos and design elements.

Creative mode

Do you want tranquility and concentration while you’re working with text?
Use special creative text editor mode.

Ready-to-use design units

Couple of clicks and your book will be filled with beautiful and dynamic content.

Your desktop

All things main and important right in front of you.
News feed. Useful tools. Statistics.

Notes service

We have created a comfortable and simple application that will allow you to
work with notes and never lose interesting thought.

Valentina Viljainen

"I give my thanks for your work!
I can feel that you put your soul in this project! Surgebook is the best for me,
most comfortable and inspiring platform.

Why are you going to love Surgebook?

Just look at all the possibilities our platform gives you.

Text editor

Comfortable and powerful text editor for creation of your books.

Cover creation kit

Simple and comfortable cover editor with free photo library and design elements.

Personal page

Your personal page with published books, contacts and news

Personal book library

Add books you like to your own library.


Add illustrations and photographs to your book with ease.


Add Youtube or Vimeo videos to a book.


Add music to your book using Soundcloud

Ready-to-use design units

Use pre-made design units to decorate your content with taste.


Subscribe to your favorite authors or gather subscribers of your own.


Discuss interesting books in comments.

News feed

Share your posts with subscribers and read other authors’ posts.

Notes service

Handy and simple in-built notes service.


Receive notifications about new comments, subscribers and likes on the fly.


Monitor the number of new likes, comments, subscribers and views.

Book search

Search for new books via tags, authors, popularity and themes.

Cloud service

Access to your materials anywhere from any gadget.

And much more

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