Welcome to my cover shop, where I will make you a book cover for free. Now, note I am not a professional cover designer. I just make covers for fun and I use a app called PicsArt. I get all my images from a website called Pexels which is a website that has images that are 100% free to use commercially and PicsArt's Free to use images and stickers. If I use any stickers or images from PicsArt the cover can not be used commercially, but if I just use images from pexels it will be as long as you reference the original owners of the photo. Let me know if you are wishing to use it commercially and I will tell you all the names of the photographers images I used.
Also at some point I may start asking for money for commercial covers as I'm hoping to open a business, but don't worry they will be very cheap and I will still make none commercial covers. As of now you may request both commercial and none commercial  covers as long as you follow the rules in the next page. I will send you your cover by email or send you a link to it on Deviant Art.
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