First mission
Milly and Max
We must stay together
3118 year. There is no people on the streets. There is no cars and no houses.  Only robots. People die one by one. And I think that it's only 100 people left. They are hiding from robots. Because robots have only 1 mission to kill all of us. People didn't invite II but they invited powerful weapon. Noone knows who controls robots. But it's a person who want to kill everyone with no visible reason. Nevertheless, people have a hero. And her name is Milly Hoop. And this is all her life. She was hiding and hiding when she was younger. But now she is saving another's. Unfortunately, nobody knows her name, so people call her savegirl. Because she is 15 and she saved more than 100 people. She can fight better that people who elder than her. She can kill...
© Lera Zip,
книга «A Day Before I Die».