Colourland X Part 4: Conclusion
This is the last section of the 1st series of Colourland X.
Chapter 15
The Trip Back
Crayon and his friends went with the officials to the hospital.
" We should go here for now " said Crayon.
" Yeah, that is a good idea " said Colourclever.
" Bakers want their customers in great condition " said Artby.
" We must be ready for buying bread "
" We will then see Challenger again " said Colouruke.
They checked into the hospital, meanwhile King Bobby was with his advisors.
" So the war is getting closer now " said King Bobby.
" The warriors must be happy "
" They love these wars "
" Well, they will get the prove themselves here " said Lord Grackle.
" That is important "
" We will get great resources "
" These resources will boost tourism " said King Bobby.
" By invading this island we will have less competition for that "
" We can improve Bird's Isle "
" We will have better hotels " said Curtis.
" We will make this island so great " said Queen Starling.
" Not to mention anyone that wants to be here has access to our special dating site " said Blackburnian.
" I have changed dating in Bird's Isle " said King Bobby.
" New people will get to experience that which is great "
" Yes, it really is " said Diana.
" We are sending a small amount of resources to Colourland " said King Bobby.
" Colour King loves this war "
" Challenger does not love it as much, but he will shut up when he gets these resources " said Draco.
" Colourland depends on him not opposing these great wars " said King Bobby.
" Colourlandish people want Colourland to be improved "
" Yes, Challenger will have to put them ahead of his dislike for any war " said Rourke.
" King Bobby is great, what he is doing will make many people happy " said Salvador.
" Yes, I have been an amazing king " said King Bobby. 
" Bird's Isle needs all of this "
" This will end great for the island "
 " The Colourlandish warriors who we decided to use arrived " said Blackburnian.
" That is great " said Queen Starling.
" They will be very useful " said Curtis.
"  That is true " said Salvador.
" This war will do so much for Bird's Isle, it must be supported " said King Bobby.
Time continued to pass and everyone that fought then checked out of the hospital.
" Glad we are back " said Artby.
" Bakers would love that "
" Well, we should head back to Colourland first " said Colour Dictator.
" We need to meet with Challenger and Colour King "
" That is true " said Colourclever.
" There is a lot to discuss " said Colour Administrator.
" Yeah, we should go do that " said Oceanoke.
" I wonder what will happen in Colourland " said Colouruke.
" Well the war will be discussed " said Colour Dictator.
" You know that there are warriors from Colourland going "
" They will assist Bird's Isle "
" They will help Bird's Isle, they are sending resources to us " said Colourclever.
" Challenger has stated that he wants to attack threats instead " said Crayon.
" King Bobby is in charge of Bird's Isle, what he says is not relevant when it comes to that war " said Colourclever.
" We do not want to go against him anymore but we would prefer that he supports these wars " said Colour Dictator.
" These wars do so much for Bird's Isle, King Bobby has said that it is an opportunity for the warriors " said Colour Administrator.
" Well our train will be leaving soon so we should head to the station " said Colourclever.
They headed to the station and then got on the train.
" Bakers will be happy to see me " said Artby.
" They love my purchases "
The train then arrived in Colourland where everyone got off.
" Challenger's office is not that far away from here " said Colourclever.
" Let's give him a call " said Crayon.
Crayon called Challenger.
" Challenger, good morning " said Crayon.
" Good morning, Crayon " said Challenger.
" We beat Colourik, Malicia and the Bear members broken out " said Crayon.
" That is great " said Challenger.
" I am hearing that Colour King will be meeting with you " said Crayon.
" Yes, all of you will join us " said Challenger.
" Colour King will have King Bobby speak from his computer "
" King Bobby ? " asked Crayon.
" Yes, he has things he wants to talk to us about " said Challenger.
" All of you will come "
" Yes, we will be there soon " said Crayon.
" Good " said Challenger.
Crayon said goodbye.
All of them then headed to the office and there was this giant room where everyone sat down inside.
" Glad you are all here " said Colour King.
" Those criminals were defeated which is great "
" They have been transported to the jail in Colourland " said Colour Queen.
" Good " said Colourclever.
" We have a great group of fighters here " said Colour King.
" King Bobby will be here soon " 
" He has a lot to discuss and so do the rest of us "
" The war is very close " said Colour Queen.
" The resources will be huge for Bird's Isle "
" We will get a few "
" Other countries or islands may not like this " said Challenger.
" We may have to deal with that "
" King Bobby does not care about them honestly "
" Only Numeria could do anything " said Colour King.
" Coastal Island is led by someone named Ariel "
" She may end up fighting "
" How strong is she ? " asked Crayon.
" Not as strong as you, me or King Bobby but strong " said Colour King.
" I would say as strong as Blackin "
" Okay " said Colouruke.
" Well, the king is here " said Colour King.
" So, we will start the discussion very soon "
" Sounds good " said Colourclever.
" He must have a lot to say "
" He does " said Colour King.
King Bobby showed up on the screen and everyone was visible.
Chapter 16
The Meeting
" Good morning all " said King Bobby.
" Good morning " everyone said.
" As you know, the war is ten days away right now "
" Yes " said Colour King.
" The warriors are so looking forward to this " said King Bobby.
" The resources we will get "
" It will be a war that is great for Bird's Isle "
" So King Bobby, what will happen with the people of Coastal Island ? " asked Crayon.
" They will either come here or stay there in Coastal Island " said King Bobby.
" There will be advisors fighting "
" Lord Grackle will stay back "
" We need someone to do so "
" Yes, that is true " said Colour Queen.
" The criminal who broke Bear members out of jail was defeated by Crayon and his friends with my officials " said Colour King.
" That is good " said King Bobby.
" It appears that all of these criminals will be defeated "
" Yes, it looks that way " said Colour Dictator.
" The Colourlandish here who are not fighting will continue fighting criminals that are dangerous " said Colour King.
" It is what we need "
" I assume Coastal Island knows about this invasion "
" If they have seen our news broadcasts then they know " said King Bobby.
" They will be crushed "
" They do not have a chance " said Electro.
" We plan on not killing civilians unless they are protecting their warriors or resources " said King Bobby.
" That is a good idea " said Colour Administrator.
" We need their resources that you will send us "
" Yes, you will get some " said King Bobby.
" Will there be other invasions ? " asked Colourea.
" That is something we will decide later on " said King Bobby.
" Other nations may step in when they see how much better we are thanks to these great wars "
" These wars are so good "
" These other nations may not like this, they may attack " said Challenger.
" We will be ready " said Colour King.
" That is true " said King Bobby. 
" We plan on having no casualties "
" None at all ? " asked Allie.
" That would be great " said Colourclever.
" We will split our advisors apart because they will be able to cover more ground " said King Bobby.
" They are so strong "
" Our strongest non advisors who are fighting will be in one group "
" They will have to deal with so much, they cannot do it "
" Yes, they will be destroyed " said Colour King.
" The Colourlandish you sent will be with the strongest Bird's Isle warriors who are not advisors considering how strong they are " said King Bobby.
" This war will be great "
" The people of Bird's Isle love wars like this "
" Challenger has not made any decision to invade anywhere " said Colour King.
" War has a lot of power " said Colour Dictator.
" Right now, I do not see any threats to Colourland right now " said Challenger.
" When there is a threat, then we will attack "
" Colourlandish people do not want to be put at risk for no reason "
" They will not be put at risk " said King Bobby.
" Colourland has Crayon "
" Crayon can protect them "
" He does have a lot of power " said Colour King.
" Right now, Crayon and his friends will deal with criminals who are very dangerous " said Challenger.
" Crayon's power can kill tons of enemies, you must know " said Colour King.
" Tons of them will die "
" In a war, Crayon would kill so many "
" Colourlandish people would want that "
" It will be a war that is worth it " said Challenger.
" I am not risking people for a war against people who are not a threat to Colourland "
" People will die for nothing "
" Nothing ? " asked King Bobby.
" There is no guarantee that people will die "
" Not to mention that the resources that will be obtained " 
" These resources are so useful "
" Colourland will be better this way "
" Other countries will get involved " said Challenger.
" That will not be good "
" We don't know that " said King Bobby.
" Have some faith "
" Agreed, we must believe in our nations right now " said Colour King.
" If we let these nations scare us, then how is that good for the people "
" I love the people "
" The people will not stand for this "
" Colour King, Challenger is just saying that other nations could intervene " said Warbler.
" They could end up doing that " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, that is possible " said Colourea.
" We cannot think this way " said Colourclever.
" Colourlandish people mean a lot "
" Yes, that is very true but thinking about what other nations will do does not mean that Colourlandish people do not mean a lot " said Crayon.
" That is true " said Colourea.
" We can think about them, but we will attack Coastal Island " said King Bobby.
" The warriors want to go to war "
" It is something they do think about "
" You must think about what we are getting from this " said Colour Queen.
" What resources we will get is not sure for now " said Colour Administrator.
" Yeah, we will get a lot hopefully " said King Bobby.
" This war will do a lot "
" It seems that Challenger has gotten too worried about the other nations "
" Yeah, that is a shame " said Colour King.
" He believes that they could get involved in war " said Crayon.
" We have great fighters here " said Colour Dictator.
" Yeah, we have nothing to worry about here " said Colourclever.
" We will deal with them " said Oceanoke.
" Yes, they will fall " said Electro.
" They will not have a chance "
" These wars will happen no matter what, think of the tourism " said King Bobby.
" Challenger must think about tourism "
" Bird's Isle will have more resources making more people wanting to go there which is creating more tourism "
" War can create more tourism "
" War can create more tourism ? " asked Challenger.
" I have never heard of anything like that before "
" It is something I discovered " said King Bobby.
" It is what Bird's Isle needs "
" We have expanded our dating site "
" Expanded it ? " asked Colourea.
" Yes, it is even bigger now " said King Bobby.
" It can now analyze if people support the king "
" How so ? " asked Colourea.
" It will ask a question involving the king " said King Bobby.
" Why ? " asked Challenger.
" To make sure that people support the king, it is important " said King Bobby.
" We can have more people dating who support the king "
" That is what Bird's Isle needs "
" The people who oppose me can be without people who support me "
" It is better this way "
" There will be sex happening with people who support the king "
" That is important "
" Does Challenger need the same ? " asked Colour King.
" Well having people support the wars would be good but I'm not sure if Colourland has the interest in this site " said Colourclever.
" I am sure that they will be able to find people who will connect with them better this way " said Colour King.
" Well, I will be going  " said King Bobby.
" There is a lot to in Bird's Isle "
" Bye " said everyone.
The others were then talking.
" Crayon, you and your friends are dismissed " said Challenger.
" The rest of us have some things to sort out "
Crayon and his friends waved goodbye and they left the building, they were talking.
" The king says that tourism is a reason for this war " said Crayon.
" Wow " said Colourea.
" I don't know about this " said Colouruke.
" We need bread " said Artby.
" Bakers will help us with this "
" Baking always helps "
" Yeah, we could head there " said Allie.
" Let's go " said Warbler.
They all went to the bakery where Artby started talking.
" I fight for every baker " said Artby.
" It is the right thing to do "
" Fight for us ? " asked a baker.
" Yes, it is what I do " said Artby.
" We were fighting against criminals "
" I would never accept a baker being hurt, bakers mean so much "
" Well, it would be bad for us to be hurt by those Bear members " said a baker.
" Colourik broke them out " said Allie.
" Crayon was able to take him down " said Warbler.
" Bakers love Crayon " said Artby.
" They love his mouth "
" His mouth ? " asked a baker.
" Yes, his mouth is loved by bakers " said Artby.
" Bakers love our mouths, baking is how they show that "
" Well, I am a little confused " said a baker.
" I am so thankful " said Artby.
" It is so good what all you bakers are doing "
" Uh, thanks " said a baker.
" Customers must be thankful of bakers now " said Artby.
" Bakers mean so much "
" I love baking "
They got their bread and left.
" Bakers truly love our mouths with their baking " said Artby.
" Our mouths stay loved "
" Stay loved ? " asked Allie.
" Yes, our mouths do thanks to bakers " said Artby.
" Bakers are showing their love for our mouths, they have fallen in love "
" Fallen in love ? " asked Colourea.
" Baking is how they show their affection for our mouths " said Artby.
" The bread to mouth relationship is strong "
" Artby " said Colouruke.
" Yes Colouruke " said Artby.
" Artby, what the fuck " said Colouruke.
" I am confused " said Warbler.
" Warbler, bakers just love our mouths " said Artby.
" The bread to mouth relationship part would do that most likely " said Crayon.
" I believe that bakers have started that kind of relationship " said Artby.
" It could confuse people " said Colourea.
" Bakers can help " said Artby.
" Bakers ? " asked Colouruke.
" Yes, they can help " said Artby.
" Bakers are incredibly helpful "
" Well, we should be heading home " said Colourea.
" Yeah, that sounds like a good idea " said Colouruke.
Warbler and Allie said their goodbyes to the other four and they went to their place.
" I am glad to be around you " said Warbler.
" Yeah, same here " said Allie.
" I am happy " said Warbler.
Warbler and Allie embraced each other and they kissed each other.
They headed up into the bed upstairs which they got inside.
Chapter 17
The King's Plans for War
King Bobby was with all the advisors again.
" This war will be great " said King Bobby.
" Everyone is celebrating "
" They know resources are coming to Bird's Isle "
" Yes, they sure are " said Curtis.
" I will fight with power and honour "
" Yes, we shall all do so " said Salvador.
" Coastal Island has no chance " said Paula.
" We will use our abilities " said Blackburnian.
" These resources will be wonderful " 
" They sure will be " said King Bobby.
" I am doing so much for Bird's Isle here "
" Bird's Isle wants war and they demand war "
" They want war because it is good for Bird's Isle "
" Yes " said Lord Grackle.
" Unfortunately it seems that Challenger is getting too concerned "
" Yeah, he has disappointed me a bit " said King Bobby.
" The people of Bird's Isle care about war more than him "
" They love these resource getting wars because they help so much "
" The warriors are so happy "
" Yeah, they love to fight " said Curtis.
" Challenger must make sure he does not interfere " said Diana.
" He won't and I will make sure that everyone in Bird's Isle gets what they want for the island " said King Bobby.
" Yeah, that would be ideal " said Queen Starling.
" This war is so close now "
" Yeah, people in Bird's Isle are so happy about this war " said Draco.
" They love wars like this " said Rourke.
" Yeah, they want them due to the resources " said Lord Grackle.
" The advisors who are fighting will be split up " said King Bobby.
" The strongest warriors who are not advisors are going to be together in a group "
" You will all get to lead your own groups, think about this "
" Using advisors will guarantee us our victory "
" I expect a lot of casaulties on their side, we will try to refrain from hurting citizens or killing them "
" That being said if they try to defend any resources they will have to be injured or killed "
" Yeah, we cannot have them doing that " said Queen Starling.
" Lord Grackle and us will stay back "
" Some warriors will also not go fight "
" This war is loved by Bird's Isle, nobody would dare oppose it here " said King Bobby.
" The tourism that will happen due to better resources will be so high "
" Not to mention that we will have less competition when it comes to islands "
" It will help us even more "
" Yeah, this will be great " said Curtis.
" Colour King will be happy " said Paula.
" Yes, he will be " said King Bobby.
" In a way this war is for both Bird's Isle and Colourland "
" Yeah, that is true " said Queen Starling.
The king and the advisors left the area.
More time continued passing, Bear members were talking in jail.
" This sucks " said Easeion.
" I cannot believe I failed "
" I thought I had more talent than this "
" I am not sure what is happening " said Xax.
" It really annoys me "
" I am so pissed right now " said Easeion.
" Yeah, we need to get out of here " said Xax.
Blackin and Blackina were talking.
" Your body is staying so beautiful " said Blackin.
" The beauty shines through "
" Thanks " said Blackina.
" Yes, your body is so beautiful " said Blackin.
" It is unfortunate that we are in this prison "
" I miss the hideout "
" Same here, it is amazing there " said Blackina.
" Our wedding would have been better than anyone had ever had "
" I have loved you more than anyone could ever love " said Blackin.
" Our love will never end "
" We will love each other for so long "
" We will always have each other "
" Yes, our love will never end " said Blackina.
" Not a chance of that "
Blackin and Blackina embraced and they were kissing each other.
Whites and Brett were talking.
" This infuriates me " said Brett.
" My sons and my daughter should have made it "
" Yeah, it should have happened " said Whites.
" My cousin should be in the hideout "
" He was great there "
" I am not sure what is going to happen " said Brett.
" Now we will spend our days here "
" It seems that way " said Whites.
Bill and Tara were talking.
" This feels like a nightmare " said Bill.
" At least we are both together as siblings here " said Tara.
" Yeah " said Bill.
" Our abilities were not powerful enough to get this done " said Tara.
Colourik and Malicia were talking.
" My power was so strong " said Colourik.
" I didn't expect this from Crayon "
" He was stronger than we thought he would be " said Malicia.
" Next time will be different " said Colourik.
" We must get out of here "
" This will not be good for us "
" Yeah, that is true " said Malicia.
" Well Crayon is not a person that we can continue underestimating " said Colourik.
Alice and Melissa were talking.
" So it seems that you all did not stay out of here " said Melissa.
" Yeah, we were not able to do it " said Alice.
" It is disappointing "
" We could have taken so much if we could have succeeded "
" Yeah, if we were all out of here it would have been great " said Melissa. 
" It sure would have " said Alice.
Willemease and Maxclever were talking.
" Well, this sucks " said Willemease.
" Tell me about it " said Maxclever.
" I do miss the hideout " said Willemease.
" Every Bear member very much does " said Maxclever.
" It was great being there " said Willemease.
" Every Bear member is so close now " said Maxclever.
More time continued to pass, Crayon was talking with his friends.
" So, I wonder what is next " said Crayon.
" Training our techniques again " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, it seems that will be happening " said Colourea.
" Going to bakeries and staying the course when it comes to being great customers " said Artby.
" Yeah, we can go to the bakeries again for the future " said Colouruke.
" I love Crayon " said Colourea.
" I love you, too " said Crayon.
" We can plan something " said Colourea.
" Luckily the Bear cannot interfere this time " said Crayon.
" Yes, that is true " said Colourea.
" Well, that is something that is a good idea for us to do " said Crayon.
" Bakers want this " said Artby.
Crayon and Colourea headed upstairs together, meanwhile Artby and Colouruke were talking.
" Colouruke, did you know ? " asked Artby.
" Know what ? " asked Colouruke.
" The relationship between Crayon and Colourea is important to bakers " said Artby.
" How so ? " asked Colouruke.
" Bakers know that their bread is helping with love " said Artby.
" Bread is helping ? " asked Colouruke.
" Yes, anything romantic or sexual is helped by baking " said Artby.
" Sexual ? " asked Colouruke.
" When sex happens, bakers are happy " said Artby.
" Bakers know their baking is responsible for this "
" I think it is the individuals wanting to do that but we can go to the bakeries " said Colouruke.
" The bakers understand what I am going on about " said Artby.
" They really do "
" I think they might be confused " said Colouruke.
" I believe in the baker " said Artby.
" I believe in them understanding the customer and the needs of the customer in the bakery "
" Bakers do understand the needs of their customers, but you are referring to them being involved in any sex between Crayon and Colourea " said Colouruke.
" Baking helps " said Artby.
" With sex ? " asked Colouruke very confused.
" The flour has an effect, it is changing Crayon " said Artby.
" Okay, now this is just getting odd " said Colouruke.
" Colouruke, I just love baking and what it does towards Crayon " said Artby.
" Well, we could go tomorrow to the bakery " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, that sounds good to me " said Artby.
More time kept passing and everyone went to bed.
Chapter 18
Back to Normal For Now
Crayon and his friends got up and got ready.
Everyone headed downstairs and were talking.
" So, we will be training again " said Crayon.
" Yeah, it looks like it " said Colourea.
" That is awesome " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, we are ready " said Artby.
" Bakers have made me ready "
" They have gotten me pumped "
" It will be useful to get our moves stronger " said Colourea.
" That is true " said Colouruke.
They made their breakfast and they headed outside and saw Warbler and Allie.
" Good morning " said Warbler.
" Good morning " everyone said.
" We should train " said Allie.
" Challenger says he will not be able to go with us " said Crayon.
" Him and Colour King have a lot to do "
" I understand " said Colouruke.
" We should head there " said Colourea.
" Bakers want us stronger " said Artby.
" They want customers who can truly fight for them "
" I will always fight for the baker "
The six of them headed to their usual training spot.
King Bobby was talking with Lord Grackle and Queen Starling.
" The three of us will have lots to do " said King Bobby.
" Yes, we must do what the advisors will be doing " said Queen Starling.
" We will make sure that our dating site continues " said King Bobby.
" Perhaps we will create more of them "
" Yes, people must be able to be with someone that is supporting this war "
" Yes, that is very important to Bird's Isle for sure " said Lord Grackle.
" More people will visit here when the resources are better "
" Therefore more dating could happen, we must be ready "
" Yes, Bird's Isle needs this " said Queen Starling.
" Our dating sites will do so much good for Bird's Isle and everyone who is there for the future "
" Yes, I have changed dating here in Bird's Isle " said King Bobby.
" The people of Bird's Isle notice this "
Crayon and his friends arrived at their training spot.
" Let's use our blasts " said Crayon.
Crayon, Warbler and Allie used their Ultimate Bird Blasts while Artby and Colourea used their Ultimate Heatwave Blasts. Colouruke used the Ultimate Deepsea Blast.
" Wow, amazing " said Allie.
" We have come a long way " said Warbler.
" Bakers know what we can do " said Artby.
" We will be customers on a level never seen before "
" Well, let's use our bombs " said Crayon.
Crayon, Warbler and Allie started charging up their Ultimate Bird Bombs while Artby and Colourea started charging up their Ultimate Heatwave Bombs. Colouruke used the Ultimate Deepsea Bomb.
" Very nice " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, we have shown our power " said Colourea.
" Bakers know our power " said Artby.
" Now, let's use our strikes " said Crayon.
Crayon, Warbler and Allie used their Tenfold Bird Strikes while Colourea and Artby used their Tenfold Heatwave Strikes. Colouruke used his Tenfold Deepsea Strike.
" Great strikes " said Allie.
" Yeah, we are getting stronger " said Colouruke.
" Bakers are so amazing " said Artby.
" Flour has helped "
" Well, let's use our barrages " said Crayon.
Crayon, Colourea and Artby used the Ultimate Heatwave Barrage while Warbler and Allie used the Ultimate Bird Barrage. Colouruke used the Ultimate Deepsea Barrage.
" Very nice " said Colourea.
" We are showing our skill here " said Crayon.
" Bakers understand our skills now " said Artby.
" We can truly fight for the baker "
" Truly fight for the baker ? " asked Allie.
" Yes, our ability is helping with that " said Artby.
" The baker respects us "
" The baker knows how much bread I eat from their bakeries "
" Well, we should use our implosions " said Crayon.
Crayon, Colourea and Artby used their Heatwave Implosions while Warbler and Allie used their Bird Implosions. Colouruke used the Deepsea Implosion.
Wow " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, this is great " said Allie.
" I love bakers, I love baking " said Artby.
" Baking has pumped me up "
" I am ready to give an asskicking for bakers "
" Bakers want that "
" Well, we could go there " said Crayon.
" Yeah, bakers should have my purchases happen " said Artby.
" I wonder how much of the day Challenger will be with Colour King ? "
" Most of the day " said Crayon.
" The two of them have a lot to decide with this place "
" Challenger says that he will do some training in the evening "
" He says that I will likely surpass him at some point "
" If there is another tournament, I am sure you will win " said Colourea.
" Yeah, maybe there are some stronger fighters in other places " said Crayon.
" It would be awesome to fight against them "
" It really would " said Colourea.
" Well, we should head to the bakery now, it would be great " said Artby.
The six of them headed towards the bakery, Easeion and Xax were talking.
" I have heard about this war " said Xax.
" Who is it between ? " asked Easeion.
" It is between Coastal Island and Bird's Isle " said Xax.
" Hopefully everyone will be so distracted from the killing that we will get out of here " said Easeion.
" If the killing helps us, I will love that "
" Everyone in the Bear will " said Xax.
" The Colourlandish are going to send in people to fight "
" Crayon will die in the war hopefully " said Easeion.
" If he dies, he is out of our way "
" The Bear will be easier to take from people that way "
" I have no idea if he is fighting " said Xax.
" Well, if there is so much killing then maybe the Bear could end up stealing a lot " said Easeion.
" That is true " said Xax.
Crayon and his friends arrived at the bakery where Artby started talking.
" I love every baker here " said Artby.
" The baking they all do is wonderful "
" They love flour, their love of this flour helps me fight "
" Helps you fight ? " asked a baker.
" Yes, flour helps fighting " said Artby.
" I am glad that you are showing your love for my mouth with your bread "
" Love for your mouth with our bread ? " asked a baker confused.
" Yes, baking is how the love is shown between my mouth and the bread itself to be honest " said Artby.
" Flour helps this bread to mouth relationship "
" Dude, what on earth is this ? " asked Crayon.
" Crayon, there is a relationship between bread and my mouth " said Artby.
" Baking helps this, flour does a lot here "
" Flour ? " asked Allie.
" Yes, it seems to be that way " said Warbler.
" I love baking " said Artby.
" Baking keeps me pumped "
" I am so pumped "
" Uh " said Colourea.
" Colourea, I am so pumped " said Artby.
" Baking has helped my mouth a lot "
" Bakers have transformed my mouth "
" Transformed ? " asked everyone shocked.
" Yes, baking has changed my mouth for the better, I love bakers " said Artby.
" Well, let's get our bread and go " said Colouruke.
They got their bread and left.
Crayon and his friends were talking.
" Bakers loved what I said there " said Artby.
" Some bakers seemed confused " said Colourea.
" They understand me " said Artby.
" They know why I say what I say inside the bakeries "
" I show my love for baking and bakers there "
" There is a love triangle between bakers, bread and myself "
" A love triangle ? asked everyone shocked.
" Artby " said Colouruke.
" Yes Colouruke " said Artby.
" Artby, what the fuck " said Colouruke.
" We are so confused by this " said Warbler.
" Warbler, you know me and bakers " said Artby.
" I am understood by bakers "
" Bakers love the purchases I make " said Artby.
" Bakers deserve it after how heroic they have been "
" Baking is so brave " 
" Heroic ? " asked Crayon.
" Bakers are truly heroic " said Artby.
" Bakers have been heroes for everyone "
" They do so much "
" Baking cannot be forgotten "
" I dream about baking "
" Well, the bread is very good " said Colourea.
" We will head back " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, that works for me " said Allie.
" It sure does " said Warbler.
Warbler and Allie said their goodbyes. The four friends went to their place, meanwhile Brett and Whites were talking.
" So this war is getting close " said Brett.
" I am thinking about what my sons and daughter can do "
" If they can break out, they can take so much "
" The war is not in Colourland, so I don't know if Colourlandish people will be distracted " said Whites.
" Perhaps Colourik will think of something " said Brett.
" He did a lot for us "
" It is unfortunate that the Bear members were caught "
" Yes, that disappoints me " said Whites.
" Every last one of us together will be unstoppable " said Brett.
" Colourik and Malicia will join us "
" We will need to create a new hideout thanks to what happened " said Whites.
" More of us will be part of the organization " said Brett.
" The new Bear will be stronger "
" Yes, we will make a comeback " said Whites.
" This will be different "
" Yeah, we need to figure something out here " said Brett.
" As a Smithson, I must do what is necessary "
" The two of us can cause serious damge to people " said Whites.
" I must also make sure about Blackin and Blackina are married "
" Yes, them being together is very important " said Brett.
" The love is strong "
" It sure is, my cousin loves Blackina so much " said Whites.
" I must have the chance of being the best man "
" You will get that chance " said Brett.
" It is something that I know that must and will happen "
Warbler and Allie were together. Warbler was contacted by King Bobby.
" Hello " said Warbler.
" It is me, King Bobby " said King Bobby.
" The war is getting closer "
" Yeah, it is " said Warbler.
" You will be dealing with criminals in Colourland " said King Bobby.
" The rest of us want them to fall "
" I believe that it will happen "
" Yes, I was training today " said Warbler.
" Good " said King Bobby.
" The warriors are so happy, I have never seen anything like that before "
" We have split the advisors so that many groups will have an advisor to lead them in this great war "
" I love this war "
" I am hearing that there could be resources returning to Colourland " said Warbler.
" Yes, you are getting ten percent " said King Bobby.
" We will decide what resources we need less, Colourland needs more or what we have excess amounts of "
" Understood " said Warbler.
" Good, we should have a fight again some time " said King Bobby.
" Maybe another tournament will happen again " said Warbler.
" Yeah, that could happen " said King Bobby.
" Well, the queen is calling me so I will be going "
" We will talk again " said Warbler.
Warbler and Allie started talking.
" The king calling was not expected " said Warbler.
" He wants this war a lot " said Allie.
" He has stated that the warriors want this war "
" I wonder how things will go " said Warbler.
" My brother is fighting "
" Unfortunately him and Crayon did not see eye to eye " said Allie.
" Yeah, the two of them do not particularly like each other " said Warbler.
" I am glad to be with you " said Allie.
" Thanks, Allie " said Warbler.
" I love you a lot "
" I am glad to see that " said Allie.
" I also love you a lot " said Warbler.
Warbler and Allie kissed each other, Artby was talking with Colouruke.
" I love talking to bakers " said Artby.
" There is something really meaningful about it "
" Meaningful ? " asked Colouruke.
" Yes, the conversation means a lot " said Artby.
" Conversation with bakers is different than other conversation "
" How so " said Colouruke.
" They truly understand their customers inside a bakery " said Artby.
" Being in a bakery helps "
" You have all seen it "
" Well, we have went to the bakeries a lot now so we are familiar with the bakers there " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, the bakers love us as customers more and more each day " said Artby.
" My purchases will not be forgotten by any baker "
" Well, we should head to where Crayon and Colourea are right now " said Colouruke.
The two of them headed to where they were.
" So, we have gotten stronger " said Crayon.
" Yeah, that is for sure " said Colourea.
" The war is getting closer now " said Colouruke.
" We just need to keep our training " said Artby.
" It is what bakers and Challenger would want "
" We will do some more training " said Colourea.
" Our abilities will be stronger " said Crayon.
" This is true " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, let's keep training and eating bread like usual " said Artby.
More time continued passing and everyone had supper which they enjoyed.
Meanwhile Willemease and Maxclever were talking.
" So this war is really happening " said Maxclever.
" Yeah, it really is " said Willemease.
" It is in Bird's Isle or Coastal Island though " said Maxclever.
" So it will not affect the Bear " said Willemease.
" It seems like it " said Maxclever.
" Colourlandish people are going to fight but not a lot " said Willemease.
" Maybe the war will come to here " said Maxclever.
" If we could sneak out that would be great " said Willemease.
Easeion was talking with Xax.
" This war will be good for the Bear " said Easeion.
" We will take from who has died "
" Yes, for sure " said Xax.
" There is nothing that they can do " said Easeion.
" That is truly awesome "
" Yeah, it really is " said Xax.
" The rest of the Bear will be back together again " said Easeion.
" I remembered those days in the hideout well "
" Yeah, it was great there " said Xax.
" We will overwhelm people with our power, I must be out of here " said Easeion.
" Hahahaha "
Colour King was with his officials.
" So by tomorrow it will be only eight days to this war " said Colour King.
" It is truly a day to be remembered " said Colourclever.
" Challenger worries too much " said Colour Dictator.
" We will fight alongside him if we need to do so but I think he needs to relax about this "
" Colourland is so strong a nation, there is nothing that can stop us " said Colour Administrator.
" Colourlandish people will get what they need to be getting " said Oceanoke.
" Yes " said Electro.
More time continued passing and everyone went to bed.
Final Chapter
Just Before the War
Colouruke and Artby were talking when they got up outside the bedroom.
" So the war is eight days away now " said Colouruke.
" Yeah " said Artby.
" The king is sending advisors to fight " said Colouruke.
" He is planning to overpower Coastal Island " said Artby.
" The advisors are very strong "
" Coastal Island will likely send a lot of people "
" The population is 250,000 " said Colouruke.
" Bird's Isle has four times as many people "
" There will be deaths on both sides but Bird's Isle is more likely to win "
" Yeah, it seems that way " said Artby.
Crayon, Colouruke, Colourea and Artby got ready and then had their breakfast.
The four of them were talking.
" So it is time for more training today " said Crayon.
" Yeah, it looks that way " said Colouruke.
" Our abilities will get stronger for the baker " said Artby.
" The baker may need protection "
" I will protect bakers "
" Well, we should get going " said Colourea.
The four of them ran into Warbler and Allie.
" Hello " said Warbler and Allie.
" Hello " the others said.
" Well, we should get going " said Warbler.
" The baker wants us to train " said Artby.
" The baker needs us strong "
The six of them headed towards their training spot. Meanwhile King Bobby had contacted Colour King and they were talking.
" So it is eight days now " said King Bobby.
" Yes, this war is very close now " said Colour King.
" The Colourlandish who are joining us are thrilled " said King Bobby.
" Good " said Colour King.
" We will take resources, this war will do so much for Bird's Isle " said King Bobby.
" Tourism will be better, everyone in Bird's Isle is thinking of the tourism "
" I love this for Bird's Isle "
" We can build Bird's Isle into an island even better "
" Colourland will be improved " said Colour King.
" The Numerians may interfere but we are both ready " said King Bobby.
" Yes, that is true " said Colour King.
" They may oppose the war but it is a great war that must happen " said King Bobby.
" There is no stopping this war "
" The warriors are so happy about this war "
" They love to fight in war, some are getting this opportunity for the first time which I love "
" Yes, maybe Colourland will attack some nation " said Colour King.
" Challenger might not want that to happen "
" Well Challenger would have to not be the leader anymore but we made a decision to not fight him " said King Bobby.
" We would have to pressure him to start a war that helps Colourland " said Colour King.
" I do not know if that will work " said King Bobby.
" We could try that " 
" Well, I have to get going so see you later "
Easeion and Xax were talking.
" So another day closer to the war " said Easeion.
" Well, I am hoping it extends here " said Xax.
" Yeah, I would love to steal from people easier " said Easeion.
" I am loving the idea of this "
" Same here, bro " said Xax. 
" The two of us will be taking so much from everyone "
" Blackin has said that he wants more stolen when we get out from here "
" Yeah, we will just do that " said Easeion.
Crayon and his friends arrived and they started training.
Crayon, Colourea and Artby used the Ultimate Heatwave Blast while Warbler and Allie used the Ultimate Bird Blast. Colouruke used the Ultimate Deepsea Blast. The blasts had power.
" Good to see " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, we are keeping it up " said Crayon.
" Bakers are thrilled " said Artby.
" Let's use our bombs " said Allie.
Crayon, Warbler and Allie used the Ultimate Bird Bomb while Colourea and Artby used the Ultimate Heatwave Bomb. Colouruke used the Ultimate Deepsea Bomb.
" Such power " said Warbler.
" I explode for the baker " said Artby.
" Bakers love this exploding "
" They do ? " asked Allie.
" Yeah, they can see a customer who cares " said Artby.
" Well, we should use our strikes " said Crayon.
Crayon, Colourea and Artby used their Tenfold Heatwave Strikes while Warbler and Allie used their Tenfold Bird Strikes. Colouruke used the Tenfold Deepsea Strike.
" Nice strikes " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, we have put power into them " said Colourea.
" We are getting stronger " said Crayon.
" Bakers now have super strong customers to protect them " said Artby.
" I will protect tons of bakers "
" Let's use our barrages " said Warbler.
Crayon, Warbler and Allie used their Ultimate Bird Barrage while Artby and Colourea used their Ultimate Heatwave Barrages. Colouruke used the Ultimate Deepsea Barrage.
" Nice attacking " said Colourea.
" Yeah, we have shown talent " said Colouruke.
" I show talent for the baker " said Artby.
" Bakers love me and I love them "
" Baking is a way of their affection for my mouth "
" Affection for the mouth ? " asked Colourea.
" Yes, bakers make sure to show affection for my mouth " said Artby.
" My mouth most certainly does need this affection from a baker "
" Well, we should use our implosions " said Crayon.
" Bakers will love this " said Artby.
Crayon, Colourea and Artby used their Heatwave Implosions while Warbler and Allie used their Bird Implosions. Colouruke used the Deepsea Implosion.
" Lots of power " said Crayon.
" Maybe I will be able to use the Stage 4 moves "
" You will " said Colourea.
" That would be great " said Warbler.
" We will need them at some point " said Allie.
" Yeah, that is true " said Warbler.
" Bakers would enjoy that " said Artby.
" Let's use our energy " said Crayon.
The six of them kept firing energy and then they finished training and were talking.
" I feel stronger " said Allie.
" Same here, the bakers are loving this a lot " said Artby.
" They can be protected very well now, bakers cannot be threatened "
" I will fight anyone who threatens any baker "
" I cannot stand for it, my mouth means so much to the baker "
" Bakers do so much for it "
" Uh, okay " said Colourea.
" Colourea, baking is so great for my mouth " said Artby.
" Bakers have always shown their love for it "
" Bakers will call on me to protect them from harm "
" Nobody will ever harm a baker again "
" Harm bakers ? " asked Colouruke.
" Artby says that bakers could be harmed, I am not sure who wants to do that " said Crayon.
" Bakers cannot suffer, the suffering of a baker is so terrible " said Artby.
" True customers hate it "
" They cannot stand by and allow it to keep happening "
" I am not sure if anyone is going to assault bakers but if we are asked to stop it we can do so " said Warbler.
" I will become a guardian for bakers if they need one when it comes to fighting, I am getting a bit pumped now " said Artby.
" Well, we can go to the bakery " 
" Yeah, let's go " said Allie.
They headed to the bakery where Artby started talking.
" You bakers will be protected " said Artby.
" I will never let a baker get hurt "
" I love bakers, baking does so much for my mouth "
" I will be a guardian for bakers "
" A guardian ? " asked a baker.
" Artby has mentioned being a guardian for bakers " said Crayon.
" A guardian for us, I don't really understand what this is all about " said another baker.
" He hates the idea of bakers getting hurt, he has said this " said Colouruke.
" I understand that part " said a baker.
" If anyone tries to hurt us, then we could have you fight if that is what you want " said another baker.
" I am not sure that bakers will need a guardian at a time like this "
" It is more peaceful here with the Bear locked up but there is a war between Bird's Isle and Coastal Island about to happen " said Crayon.
" Bird's Isle will win this war most likely, I am not sure about what the king is claiming though " said Colourea.
" He has said nobody will die " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, that does not seem as guaranteed as the king claims " said Allie.
Everyone got their bread and left.
" Glad to get the bread " said Artby.
" I feel that my love for bakers was shown inside the bakery "
" Baking does so much for me, baking helps the mouth "
" I love bakers a lot "
" Yeah " said Crayon.
" Well, me and Allie will go inside our place " said Warbler.
" Yeah, let's head towards that area " said Allie.
" Bakers would like that " said Artby.
" Baking is so amazing, I must show my love for the baker when I eat bread "
Meanwhile Blackin and Blackina were talking.
" Our love will never end " said Blackin.
" The Bear knows that we will always be together " said Blackina.
" Yeah, that is true " said Blackin.
" We will be back with the Bear again " said Blackina.
" Yes, the organization will make a stunning comeback " said Blackin.
" Everyone will be stealing things for the wedding " said Blackina.
" Hahaha " said Blackin.
Blackin then kissed Blackina.
Crayon and his friends were near their respective places.
" Well, me and Allie will be saying goodbye now " said Warbler.
" Bye " everyone said.
Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby then went inside.
" I feel great as a customer " said Artby.
" Customer ? " asked Colourea.
" Yes, I have been great for the baker " said Artby.
" Bakers now are more appreciated by the day "
" My purchases do a lot for the baker "
" I love bakers "
" Well, this bread does look good " said Colourea.
They ending up eating, more time continued to pass.
Colour King was talking with his officials
" Challenger must stay out of the way " said Colour King.
" Yeah, he cannot go against the war " said Colour Queen.
" He is the leader right now " said Colourclever.
" If the Bear returns, we will side with him over them but we want wars that help Colourland " said Colour Dictator.
" I am extremely Colourlandish " said Colour King.
" I will not claim that Challenger isn't but I am more Colourlandish than him "
" Yeah, that is true " said Colour Administrator.
" We will stay Colourlandish forever " said Colour King.
" Yes, that is very true " said Colour Queen.
" I am the most Colourlandish person ever " said Colour King.
Whites was talking with Brett.
" The Bear will rise up " said Brett.
" I wonder about Colourik and Malicia " said Whites.
" They broke out Bear members including your children "
" Yes, I wonder if it was to help the Bear or for him and Malicia to get what they wanted " said Brett.
" Yeah, that could be possible " said Whites.
" Well, we can defeat them if that is necessary " said Brett.
" The Smithsons will be back "
" All of us in the hideout together will be amazing " said Whites.
" Your power will allow for anything "
More time continued to pass, Crayon and Colourea were talking with each other.
" I love you a lot " said Crayon.
" Me too " said Colourea.
" We will get stronger together " said Crayon.
Crayon and Colourea were kissing each other. Everyone went to their bedrooms.
" Crayon loves Colourea a lot, bakers will be thanked for sex " said Artby.
" Bakers ? " asked Colouruke.
" Yeah, bakers have made sure that their baking helps out " said Artby.
" I am skeptical " said Colouruke.
" Colouruke, bakers understand what is going on " said Artby.
" They don't know what is happening with this " said Colouruke.
" Have you talked to a baker about it ?" asked Artby.
" They bake bread, they don't know anything about Crayon and Colourea outside of the bread they are buying " said Colouruke.
" They know they have helped sex " said Artby.
" Bread changes it "
" Okay, I think we should get to bed here " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, we could do that " said Artby.
All of them went to bed.
The days kept passing by. Crayon and Colourea went out on a date. The six of kept training.
Colour King continued talking about how Colourlandish he is, Challenger did some training.
Artby talked to bakers about his dreams about them again.
Blackin and Blackina kept talking about their love, Easeion continued to be pissed off in jail. He was not happy about it.
Brett talked about being a Smithson to Whites. Eventually it became the 2nd last night before the war would officially start. 
This is the end of the first Colourland X series, the second one is The War in Bird's Isle and Criminals in Colourland.
© Willem Van Herk,
книга «Colourland X Part 4: Conclusion».