Imagination Engine...!
Where I truly Belong
Where I truly Belong
The way is so long
But I would not stop trying
until finally someday
I reach where I truly belong

I'm a dreamer and I live it in that way
Cause my dream is the only thing
that makes me survive
And it's the only thing that makes me open my eyes everyday

It hurt me a lot
when you stepped right on my dreams
What makes you think you are helping
when your words only make me cry
I guess you don't know that by saying those things
You are cutting my wings
And you are breaking my heart...!

You call me crazy
But you and I both know that I'm just different
Is being who you really are craziness ?
Then I'd rather to be crazy
instead of pretending to be somebody else...!

© Rosa Robins ,
книга «Teenage Dreams».
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Isaac Tamson
Where I truly Belong
This is absolutely beautiful
2021-04-15 14:42:50