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A part of the love you had lost
I read love inside your eyes The first time I met you Things went on so fast So many things happens in the blink of an eye Until one day I finally knew That you no more love me The love inside your eye had faded away The coldness of your heart was hurting me What changed so suddenly Where did that heart go That you used to say it beats for me only Seems like you lost your love In the middle of nowhere with me Days passed even faster But everyday I wondered How you forgot that a part of the love you had lost was still inside my heart Hurting so bad and leaving scars...!
Part of me
This is me The one who is blamed Every time that something happens People close their eyes on me and just get away You say that I'm scary You're right to be scared After all I'm the girl who was never praised For who she truly was Everyone wanted her to change You don't need to compare me to whomever you think you know I know that I'm not flawless But you don't need to remind it to me Whenever I'm trying to keep my silence Keep glaring at me so that I can regret everything I say that I don't care But deep inside I'm breaking I close my eyes and watch my heart bleed I keep it all inside me I don't want to scream The wounds are healing But I know the scars would always remain And I'm sure I'm not gonna forget How I said nothing and let all these things hurt Here I am again Lost deep inside me I'm still searching for the part of me that one day I swore I'm not going to let anyone reach