Better to remind
She - the one who can conquer world
Care starts from cave
The two from angara land and gondwana land
Care starts from cave
the cave which was birth place to the angels was deep in the forest. God made magic and made dolls to real life. Amongst both Christiana was elder one. wondering species surrounded near her as she her aroma vibed through forest and frost the ice.
  The evil Madonna marina was irritated due to humans were  turning magical wizards and conquered her icy world .Christiana's wand took birth with her .Mighty God chanted
    "Welcome Welcome Welcome
        To the world you will know
        wonder wonder wonder to
         read in you welcome..girl"
he meant she would create a different atmosphere due to her birth .Cadriella's bitter birth really meant to destroy human power as she killed 2 humans with her eye power.
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книга «What happened in past?».
The two from angara land and gondwana land