Clarification of doubts

In the previous point we talked about mistrust, well, today we will talk more in depth about trust

There goes your definition

Firm hope that a person has that something happens, is or works in a certain way, or that another person acts as they want.


In sociology and social psychology, trust is the belief that a person or group will be able and willing to act appropriately in a given situation and thoughts. Confidence will be more or less strengthened depending on the actions and values.


Security that someone has in himself

So as we understand trust is security, the hope you put in something

For example: I am confident that the internet does not fence in order to finish reading this tremendous guide

Unconsciously you put confidence in everything you do, to the charge of your cell phone, that the water does not go away or that there is cheese in the refrigerator, now you do not expect it but you have confidence and security

So why not make that unconscious trust for yourself? So that you do not take an hour to choose what to wear and be sure that you will look spectacular wearing whatever

I'll help you achieve that with an exercise I came up with when I was transitioning from straight to curly in my hair, I trust it will work here too.

For that I am going to tell you my experience, all my life I was raised with the mentality that straight is beautiful and curly is horrible and inelegant

So when I went to the beach I avoided getting my hair wet at all costs and if I got it wet I had to pick it up in braids immediately

At the beginning of the quarantine they closed everything, including the beauty salons, I stopped going, and the day came when I had to wash my head because it was disgusting

I remember that I wanted to wash it, but a threat with the included cell phone beat me and I washed my head, then I did not know what to do, I did not know how to comb my hair or how to treat it, I did not know how to make it at least look pretty

Days passed and the only thing that occurred to me was to enter pinterest and see beautiful Afros, I wanted one like that, so I looked for a tutorial, that did not work for me and I could have given up there, but I did not

So I picked up and looked for another one, after a few unsuccessful attempts I came to a video that said, "How to identify your hair type?" I clicked

That led me to another and to another, I discovered my hair type, which products I should use, that the shampoo is only used on the scalp and that the conditioner was used from medium to ends.

When I did everything right I fell in love with my natural curly hair, months went by and I kept trying and testing masks, techniques, brushes, in short, everything in the hair section, even once I put a pink dye thinking it was a treatment for the tips

At first I panicked, but then I loved them and kept reinforcing them

Today is seven months since I started wearing curly hair, my curly hair

I look back, the first time I liked my curls, and I tell you a secret they were horrible without volume or something, but I liked it and it conveyed confidence

Now I use them as if I had always used them, I love them, and above all I am confident enough to go to the square with my curls in pomp

It was just a little story, I have not even told you the exercise, but maybe you are in a similar situation to the one I had in the beginning

Here is the exercise

The first thing is, if you have mistrust in your body or in some garment that you like but do not dare to use it, this is the moment

Use it, even if it is at home in front of a mirror, look at everything you like about it and enjoy it, that you do not care what they say, that for a moment it is you and the garment or your body, hair, etc.

If it is about your personality then express it, in front of the mirror, speak as if you were in a television or radio program, that again it is you and your personality, so you will find everything that YOU like about your personality and if you do not like it, change it, do not have to pass seconds

I only know you and what does not give you confidence, that is the key
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