Clarification of doubts

What happens when you're a stupid person?

When you let them handle you at will, when you pass the task on to them because if they do not exclude you from the group, when they ask you for something and you do it, however, when you ask for something, they label you as taken advantage of

Believe it or not it is more common than you think, I was a very stupid person

To the point that in the classroom no one did the homework and guess who did it and had to give it to the others for having a soft heart

When they say Come on, please , I lent you my markers or If I don't do it, my parents will kill me

Inside I screamed not to give it to him, but more expensive and the guilt that had settled in my chest for some reason, made me give it to him without flinching

What if they were really going to be punished? I don't want my friends to be punished when I can help it

And that was the same gutter, the same self-belief every day

But, now that I look back I frown and get angry, it is true that I loved my friends and would do everything possible to make them well, I still love them with my soul, they are my brothers

But couldn't they fulfill their responsibilities like ME? Was it too heavy for them?

Then I noticed, I noticed that I had to stop pleasing everyone in exchange for nothing when it affected me, because in my opinion there is nothing wrong with passing your homework to them, they are the ones who will not learn

But when I have to hand over the notebook and a bad calf tells me to lend it to him because he is going after me, my cables get crossed

Couldn't you order it BEFORE?

That way I understood that I had to stop, little by little I did it no matter that my friends moved away from me because I wanted to be their donkey.

Keep in mind that if they walk away, they weren't real friends and were only looking for you for a particular benefit, those aren't worth it.

Better stay with those who help you do what YOU want

And how to do it?

Easy, accepting it

1. Accept that you are stupid
2. Tell others that you are stupid
3. Tell them you don't want to be
4. Go little by little (Ahem. If before the day you lent the homework to 5 people, lend it to 3 and so on until there are no more)
5. You are done!
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