Clarification of doubts

Hello again, this topic was one of the most difficult for me to get, especially because I did not have confidence in myself, therefore I did not trust others, but we will deal with that topic in the next chapter

Today come talk to you about the power of love, that you want to achieve it

If you have followed any of the previous steps, you may have noticed that sometimes mistrust wins you over, rather it embarrassed you

You were ashamed to live with people with the same tastes, or to face criticism from those around you, right?

I know it is difficult, I do not say it from above, I really went through that, and today, within this chapter, I am going to give you the keys so that loving wins over duty

•Humor; take things with all the humor in the world, if they criticize you, laugh and criticize yourself too, if the aggressors see that criticism no longer affects you (Although it does, but shh, it's a secret) they will stop doing it and look for others methods, methods with which you will do the same

For example: they tell you -Your blouse is ugly! - and you answer Yes! It was the first thing I found! It doesn't even match my pants! You see? So the mockery makes no sense

•Indifference; In my opinion it is one of the best anti-aggressors that exists, if these people see that you do not care about their criticism they will momentarily stop doing it, if you pass by when they speak to you, or do not look at them and pretend they do not exist they will pass from you too

•Counterattack; This is a practice that I consider suicidal, in some cases it works, but in the majority it does not, it consists of responding to the aggressors, I think that if you do that you will be lowering yourself to their place, also that if you do not respond better than them you can stay in the pure ridiculous, besides that it can also happen to the physical

• Live together; Living with these people can be one of your best decisions, it shows that you are mature, it will also show those people that you do not care about their teasing, they may call you an asshole among others, but they will stop doing it, in this branch you can also include humor

• Coexist Il; This is about living with others who also suffer from teasing, be careful, who also want to improve themselves, not who are too afraid to approach it, living with "your peers" in that area would mean having new ways of seeing bully, also knowing their penalties or because they bulean them, the cliché will be fulfilled and they will be popular, believe in me.

So far I leave the Cap for today, by the way we are almost finishing this kind of guide, maybe I will leave it until ten or fifteen, it depends on you and the claps that the Cap gets (I cross fingers) we read each other the next
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