Chapter One
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Chapter Three
Chapter Three
Fifth grade- the time when all the drama started. On fifth grade, students from my old school transfered here. So did Mr. Simon. Ew. And also the teacher who hit me in KG.
I got bored with Ally. And besides we weren't popular anymore. And I'm an attention seeker who needs attention. The good thing was, two kids of the popular gang, two of the most famous ones, were in my school bus. So I tried to talk to them. We talked for ten minutes alright. There was nothing to say. Of course she kept the conversation going on and all, but I was nervous.
In fifth grade, four more people were added to out little friend group. Maxine, Irene, September and Nona. Nona had this big fight with her previous friend group so she had joined us. Maxine and Irene were known for sticking with each other since first grade or something and I don't know how September came to our group. Besides these people, we were also friends with Harry(She's a girl) and Emily. We just talked. They sat behind us. And they were part of another friend group. On lunch break we used to play a Pokemon game. We just threw stones at each other. And sometimes we also played outside the Principal's room. And I have no idea why we did that. It was fun, not gonna lie. But it became better. Or worse. I dont know.
Maybe on November, I noticed this guy. He looked super pretty. And he became my massive crush. He had this hot friend but I couldn't care less. I only liked the pretty guy. Nona sometimes talked about him. How they were friends back in the old school and how he doesn't even look at her anymore. Little did she know how much I liked him.
One day, we were playing Truth or Dare. I chose truth. Someone asked me who my crush was(No one expected me to answer) and I said this guy. I didn't know his name then so I just showed them. Nona was like, "OMG YOU LIKE HIM?! VICTOR?!" I asked asked hef to keep it low. Only Ally, September, Nona, Maxine and Irene knew about it.
He was popular. In the lunch break, he would be were the popular gang was. Outside, East, under the tree. So me and Ally always hung around there. We played running games and all there. To not make it obvious. Sometimes he would be hanging around the main ground so we would play there. WE TRIED TO NOT MAKE IT OBVIOUS.
Even though we weren't the popular gang, everyone knew us. We were like these girls who were good at everything. Whenever the teacher asked one of us to do something, we knew they meant both of us. Teachers even called me by her name and her by mine sometimes. They knew us as, 'Ally and Amber'. So hopefully, Victor knew my name.

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