Thuy Phan
I speak English only My fav color red & black I love to sing n write I like to draw
I look into
I look into your eyes I see you shine through the Sunlight
When you are trap inside I will come save you right away when I'm near so I can help you stand up your feet up again
Love yourself first
U always loving yourself first it will made u shine like a feather & Always b yourself no matter what dont b some1 else that you're not it not who you are b you it will make people love you
When I first saw you at the theater it make me want to come to you but I was shy like a butterfly you were so dam attractive that made me want you because you were Shining. I wish I have a chance to come toward you because you were so bright that shine like a shooting star you were handsome that want me to look good for you. I'm ready for new love that will shine like a moonlight star full of happiness going through life that I dream of to be my heart is open for one true love that will give what I deserve. I feel some1 heart got melted like a marshmallow shot through you with full of happiness got you feeling butterfly in your stomach. You need to stay powerful don't let anyone Shut you down be strong like a warrior be smart when they get to far u will succeed. When I thinking about some1 precious to me i will not let them be play like a suray because it show them how much they hurt not excepted, I will b loyal and treat them like royal. You like a sunshine that made my day that you n I brighten up like a spotlight shine through our loving self that is so precious to remember forever. Be true to yourself don't let anybody Change you it will not be excepted but b true to you that make people love you for being who you are like sunshine in the sky. I keep moving forward let some1 come toward me waiting for my other half to come by to be part of me the love that give full of happiness that they are dream to have like an ocean breeze. I feel the ocean breeze blew you away that will shine through of the wind that will make you smile for awhile to see how happy we will be. Oh dear my new love we will build our friendship together to become one that will never end, we will become more like we our meant to be. I know we been through alot it a tough battle that like to rattle but we can beat the challenges my new love u probably been through a same too. Dear my new love I hope we meet someday soon after the tough battle that we been through we will always succeed the challenges I know it really rough for both of us. I trust you my life and we will succeed together to get through obstacle it will complete there no giving up. We are powerful there no defeat we will complete like a lighting striker the enemies will be delete no turning back. It fun to b around friends n family when u have nothing else to do spending friends n family is like a beautiful sun shining bright like a sunlight. When u r bored u have no one else to hang it made u feel lonely sometime that u want to go out to community to make new friends when u have opportunity. I wish I have some friends to hang out when u r bored as hell at home doing nothing when u a stuck like a rut u want to come out of a shell to meet a right friends. That how I feel when u feel lonely sometime but u have to keep going n do your best to keep moving forward that what I been doing keep going battles alot of enemies that r in the way n winning it You feel the sun shine on you that made u sparkles like a brightest star that made u feel alive n feeling that u have grow into. You are glowing like a lotus flower that made you a new n you're r shining through like heaven in the  cloudy sky of the wind blowing to u're beauty. U never know that there a light sparking through within you that u didn notice that u r glowing like the wind blowing through your shining self. U always loving yourself first it will made you shine like feather that will give u a willpower to attract some1 new. Friendship will never end it will keep you company when u need some1 stay by your side n never feel alone that what true friend is all about. When you need a shoulder to cry on your true friend is there for you when you need them just give them a call they rush through you to have a talk when u needed. Your true friend will understand you n stick with you till the end he/she will always b there for u when u need them n let go all baggage what you been through. I listen to my Melody  that will keep me calm n relax listen to the beat of the music that make u feel good that will make u smile. U feel the music flow n  feel the heartbeat of a music that will make u shine n let it overflowing  ur body. I close my eyes n feel the wind of the melody that i hear is so overflowing n hear the nature singing your melody. When I end up in a relationship i will treat u right with all my might I won't let u go n give u alot of attention but not too much got to get some space sometime. I will remember you n will never forget u when i in a relationship i will committed never going to betray u. I'm a loyal gal that won't used u or stab u in the back it doesn matter your wealthy or poor but b stable so we can be equal give n take. When I end up together with you I will b focus on you like a fireball n will not break your heart. Stay strong don't let anybody wrong you think positive everyday something good will happen to you like a shockwave. Stay positive stay strong u won't b weak don't let the negative destroy u it will b failer but u will succeed. Don't let the negative weaken you, you are strong always think positive everyday n u will win it, n it will make u powerful like a heartbeat. Stand up for yourself don't let them weaken u, u can fight back what is right like a knight.