Do you ever just stand and speak out to the night sky? Do you ever get a reply? When times are tough does it engulf you in a sky hug, Tell you that it's okay and you are bright like the stars up there? Does the sky tell you it's story? When it was born and where it all began?Do you hear it saying, " You are special, wherever you are". " You can do it however you are", " You can overcome the challenges 'cause you aren't one to stop", " You can do it because you are you". Have you ever heard the sky whispering to you, " Yes you are truely who you are", And if you haven't, maybe try once, Just be there under the sky and speak out to it, Not it to them, to the stars, You've got billions and trillions of listener, And each one of them believe you are special, Speak and you shall know, That you are cared and you are not alone. J.N. 19.06.2021.
2021-06-19 18:13:30
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Хрест - навхрест
Хрест – навхрест в’яжу пейзаж, від учора і до завтра. Кожен жест моїх вдихань має кривду, має правду. Хрест – навхрест мої думки полотно це поглинає. Еверест мого життя чи екватор? Я не знаю. Хрест – навхрест чи треба так? Сподіваюсь, сподіваюсь.. Кожен текст своєї долі витримати намагаюсь. Хрест – навхрест добро та зло. Поруч, разом, нерозривні. Без божеств та без чортів.. Бо живуть усі на рівні. Хрест – навхрест таке життя. І нічого з цим не зробиш. Кожен жест має свій шлях, злий та добрий, ти як хочеш?
I was alone. I am alone. I will be alone. But why People always lie? I can't hear it Every time! And then They try to come Back. And i Don't understand it. Why?