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That's how I ended up texting Addi that I was going to be late.

Where Chance lived wasn't much better than the warehouses, if I were being honest. Maybe that meant I'd already got too used to the fancy mansions up at my end of town. Compared to those, anything would have looked like a hovel.

But the tiny apartment where he led me was in a basement, half-underground and damp from too much rainwater at the windows.

Still, it was clean. And though it made my heart race to be so alone with a guy--especially one as cute as Chance--I felt safe. As soon as he'd shut the door, the air just felt... softer. It's hard to explain it, but it was like all the worries I'd had outside couldn't follow.

"Here," he said, bringing over a glass of water. "If you want, I'll make you some tea. Are you okay?"

I nodded, and he looked at me for a long moment like he was trying to decide if I was lying. Then he disappeared to the kitchen and I heard the sound of the stove turning on.

It was a small apartment, only one room with a bathroom and tiny kitchen off of it. A studio, so the bed was in the living room. I guess that meant not only was I going to his house for the first time, I was also already in the dude's bedroom. Kinda a weird feeling, that. Besides, I wasn't used to going places where adults weren't around, and it was pretty clear from the sparse furnishings that he lived alone. There was only one chair, and he offered it to me.

I thanked him when he handed me a mug. The tea smelled strong and warm like ginger.

All he said was, "Just try to stay out of trouble next time."

Right. About that. "How'd you find me?"

"Actually, that was a bit of an accident. I just... had a bad feeling." Looking away, he added, "Such a pain."

But somehow I got the sense he wasn't exactly angry. He seemed mildly irritated at worst.

"Don't worry. I'd just as soon not have gotten lost. Then again--I guess I wouldn't have ended up with you right now, would I? It feels so... nice here."

At that, he gave me an inquisitive look, one eyebrow raised. "What do you mean?"

I was a bit embarrassed to admit it and didn't quite know how to put it into words. "The air. It... feels nice. Like the, uh, energy is cleaner." Even as I said it, I felt like a bit of a nut job. But Chance only gave a half smile like he'd been hoping I'd say something like that.

"Surprised you can tell." He leaned back against the wall. "Human. That's what so strange. You shouldn't be able to sense that sort of thing... not perceptively. And you shouldn't have the energy you do, either." Leaning closer, one hand hovering just before touching my hair, then pulling back, "It draws me in."

I didn't know what kind of energy he was talking about, but the thought of his hand in my hair made my stomach flip in a good way. I liked the idea that I was interesting to him, special. I liked the way he looked at me with a glow in his eyes, the mischievous way one corner of his lips curled into a smile. It made him look like he was up to no good. And I kind of liked it.

"Before. You said you need energy from me," I said, setting my mug down, "You've upheld your half of the deal. What do I do for mine?"

He seemed embarrassed, looking away. Then that up-to-no-good grin broke back over his face. "So remember when I kissed you?"

It was a good thing I had put the tea down, otherwise I might have spit it out all over him. So he had remembered! I'd convinced myself he hadn't realized what he'd done.

"It uses a lot of energy just to produce an animus. Fighting through her--that's something someone like me shouldn't even be able to do. A normal demon can heal almost instantly, but a half-- When you found me on your balcony that night, I'd just come from a particularly bad match. Got me good. And I was going home all in a daze when I found myself... drawn to you. Your energy. When I woke up," as he said this, Chance moved closer, leaning down to my level and running his hand through my hair. My scalp tingled where his fingertips trailed. Pulling the back of my head towards him until our lips were only inches apart, he breathed, "I was like this."

For a split second, I was certain he was going to kiss me again. Then he pushed abruptly away.

His expression had hardened and he looked me in the eye as he said, "God, I want to again so bad--but--" His eyes were searching, "It's possible that I could... Possible that if I've over-used so bad that I'm at the brink of death, you trying to heal me--what I'm saying is that I might not be able to help myself. I might drain your energy faster than your body replenishes it. I could... kill you."

After he finished, he let the silence sit between us while the words sunk in.

Wait. He was saying... if he kissed me, he might accidentally kill me?

Ah crap. Finally a hot guy wanted to kiss me, but now it was just so he could get my energy and maybe I'd die in the process.

So why was it that I found myself still wanting it, that my heart longed for him to touch me, to feel his lips on mine?

But seriously. This kinda sucked.

When I didn't respond after a long moment, he pushed himself up and took his empty mug to the kitchen, saying, "This was all a bad idea. What was I thinking? Nothing. That's what. So stupid."

"Wait," I said, standing. How could I explain that I didn't think he was stupid at all? That I, uh, just really wanted him to kiss me? All I could think of was, "We had a deal, remember?"

And I smiled at him, my best, I'm-not-afraid and do-your-worst smile, even though I wasn't entirely certain what I was suggesting was a smart idea. But deep down, I didn't believe it. There was no way he could do anything that would hurt me.

And when he looked back and his gaze locked into mine, for the moment I didn't even care if he did. I wanted to help him. And if my energy was something he needed, I wanted him to have it. Especially if that meant he was going to kiss me again.

- - -

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A Deal's a Deal
I want them to kiss soooooo baaaaadddd but that's sad
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A Deal's a Deal
Amazing so farr
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