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Breathing is Overrated
Try something.

When he pushed me back further against the wall, one hand pinning mine and the other trailing along my cheek and pulling out through my hair, I thought--the way he looked at me so deeply--I thought I could fall into his eyes and stay there forever, that'd be just fine.

Then he leaned forward, lips nearly brushing mine, locking me against him with his bodyweight, free hand on the wall beside my head so I couldn't move. I could hardly breathe. Especially not when he moved even closer, finally pressing his lips to mine.

Far as I'm concerned, breathing is overrated.

There was a hunger to the way he kissed me then, hand behind my head holding me to him, fingers trailing down along my neck, then back up through my hair.

The strange static tingle was back and surged stronger between us the longer he held me to him. It was a good feeling, that electric spark and made me want to kiss him harder.

But no--when I tried, he broke away, pushing me back by the shoulders as his eyes came back into focus and he seemed to regain awareness of what was happening.

"Shit," he said, which was not exactly the reaction I wanted in that moment. He looked the strangest bit angry and his breath was slightly ragged when he said, "You're not about to die on me, are you?" and his grip tightened as he said it, as if he was expecting me to keel over right then and there. Which, of course, was absurd.

Dunno what I looked like, but I felt fantastic.

"I'm fine," I said, shrugging out of his grasp, "See."

Except that when I tried to stand on my own, I found the world spun at the edges and my legs felt heavy. Must have been the fever. Yeah, sure. Couldn't be his energy-draining kiss or anything.

"Told you this was a bad idea," he muttered, but his voice sounded oddly distant.

The edges of the world had become rippled and dark. It was like--

Oh hey.

Hello, bed. How'd I get... ah crap. Finally hot guy kisses me again and I had to go and faint like some swooning lady in a historical romance. I wasn't exactly an expert, but I was pretty sure this was not the way to get said hot guy to want to kiss me again.

I sat up, searching the room until I found Chance leaning against the wall, arms crossed and watching me.

"You were saying?" he said, amused smirk darkening as he pushed off and moved to crouch beside the bed where I lay back. My head felt so freaking heavy all of a sudden. "Not sure I like your definition of fine."

Ah yeah, "About that. Must be the fever coming back."

"Sure. And you usually pass out from that kind of thing?"

Okay, he was right. So maybe it was both. That and the kiss, that is. I'd felt that electric pulse, that's for sure. But I didn't want to give him a reason to not kiss me again. Not even if it drained my energy.

"On the bright side," he said darkly, "My arm's a hell of a lot better."

He was right. He'd taken off his jacket, and I couldn't even find a mark where the burn had been.

It was like... like magic.

I slid out of bed towards him but he backed up and held up his hand, warning, "Don't go getting so close to me. Told you I shouldn't have come here."

"Dude, I'm fine." I tried to sound convincing, and I think I succeeded. For the most part, anyway.

But he just moved further away, saying, "It was only to get your energy. So don't go getting any ideas that I like you or anything, got it?"

"I won't," I said, but it was on reflex, not reality. Dammit. Why did he have to go out and say it like that? I mean, jeez, it was one thing if he didn't actually like me, but he could have been a bit nicer about it. And it wasn't like I'd been asking to be his girlfriend or anything.

I mean, sure, I knew he'd just wanted some sort of friends with, uh, magical benefits thing or whatever, yeah. Sure. That was the deal.

I was fine with that, right?

Except as much as I told myself it was true, the stinging behind my eyes that meant I was about to cry said otherwise. No. No, I wasn't going to let myself cry. Not in front of him. I kept my eyes open wide and tried not to blink or think and hoped that would do the trick.

But maybe he could see the hurt in my face, because he said, "Don't look at me like that," turning for the door, "I'm out of here."

And with that, he was gone.

At least he didn't see me start to cry.

- - -

Aaaaah, Chance, you're such a---Oh hey, sorry, just the author talking to herself over here. Gotta love them #tsundere boys. AmIright? :P

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