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I hung back in the hall while Addi crept to the door. She was leaning to look out when a voice yelled from the other side, "Clara, we know you're in there!"

That's when I realized. It was my mother, and I'd never told my parents where I was going.

When we opened the door, both my mom and dad stood on the steps, red-faced and fuming.

"Young. Lady." began my father--a phrase only ever uttered when I was in the deepest sh--uh, trouble. "You are coming home this instant!"

Addi watched wide-eyed and helpless as my parents hauled me back to the car, on all the while about how I hadn't told them where I was going or asked permission or anything of the sort.

Well, of course I hadn't. How was I supposed to know that was something I had to do? Back home, I used to go hang out with my friends all the time without asking first.

Just another one of the many things that had changed since we moved.

I wanted to ask how they knew where I was, but by the time they stopped yelling enough that I could get a word in, we were pulling up to the house and I didn't want to risk reopening the gates of their wrath again by bringing it back up. All I wanted was to get to the safety of my room and slam the door just as fast as I could.

It wasn't until I was safely sprawled face-down across my bed that I realized. I'd left my backpack at Addi's.

Thankfully, I still had my phone. When I pulled it out, there was a text from her.

Dude your parents are legit crazy! Srry I got you in trouble.

Ha. It was validating to hear her say they were nuts. But I texted her back to tell her it wasn't her fault, of course. And to ask if she'd bring my backpack to school.

As I lay in my room with the light off, I thought again about how my parents could have known where I was. There was only one way I could think of, and I didn't like it.

I picked up my phone again and turned it over in my hands.

They had to be tracking me with it. It was the only thing I brought everywhere I went.

In case I was right, I turned the GPS location off. Hopefully that would stop it. But if my mom and dad had really reached the point of obsessive helicopter parenting that they'd decided to secretly stalk my every move, just turning off the location setting seemed too easy.

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