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This Isn't The 1800s
Your Average Girl
Don't Make Me Go
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Can't Turn Back
Don't Make Me Go
After school, I hurried home up through the hills. Our town spread from the lowlands along the beach and up into the forest, an odd mix of old estates and newer homes, each trying to be bigger and fancier than the last.

Before moving, my family had lived in a two-bedroom suburban cottage. My parents both worked and I had a part-time job in the summer. Now--

I stepped to the side as a lemon yellow convertible sped up the street, barely stopping at the corner and cutting the turn so fast and close I thought for sure it might hit me.

Now I felt out of place, the normal kid suddenly living in a wealthy neighborhood. I still hadn't got the hang of this whole, show-off-how-much-money-you-have thing. I mean, seriously, I didn't even have my driver's license yet.

Speaking of wealth, that was another thing about this place. As fancy as it was up here in the hills, it was equally destitute down along the shore. There in what was called the lowtown, the highway and train tracks made their way through, between construction yards and strip malls with half their shops boarded-up. It was the place tourists didn't go either, what with the 'cute' and trendy part of downtown the other way.

Like I was saying, a stark contrast.

My parents had only given me one rule when we moved in. I was never to go to lowtown, especially not alone. Not that they really needed to worry.

There was enough to do where we lived up in the hills that I'd never need to leave. That is, if I were invited. I'd already heard talk of several parties that had come and gone.

But hey, it's cool. What's a girl need when she's got the internet?

In fact, I was looking forward to settling-down with my newest otome game when I stepped in the front door and noticed something felt off. I couldn't put my finger on it at first, but the air felt different somehow. Like I wasn’t alone. Which, if you consider that there had been no cars in the driveway, was very strange.

"Uh, hello?" I called, setting my backpack down and starting up the stairs. "Anyone here?"

I felt pretty silly doing it, especially since there was no response. But, you know, better safe than surprised, I guess.

By the time I got to my room and still hadn't run into anyone, I was pretty sure I really was imagining it and everything was fine and I was alone in the house after all. So I sat down with my game and started to load it up when I happened to glance over at the balcony and--oh. The door had been left open ajar. And I was pretty sure I'd closed it.

I got up to look outside, but there was no one there. No creepers, and not hot guys, either.

"Okay, weird."

This time I made certain to close the door and lock it until the deadbolt clicked.

When my parents got home a few hours later, I was deep in my game and didn't hear them call until my mother was at the door to my room.

"Sweetie," she said, taking one look at my old T-shirt and jeans, "I do hope you'll dress up a little. Your date is in an hour."

That took a moment to register.

"My what?"

"I sent you a text," she chewed her lip, "Did you not read it?"

Sure enough, when I closed the game, I saw that I'd missed a message. Crap. Not only had they been serious about setting me up with that snobby Mercurius, they'd given me no notice.

"Can't I just go like this?"

My mother didn't even dignify that with an answer.


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Don't Make Me Go
S*** she screwed I don't think our parents won't want her to back out of this anyway
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