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The Lost Seed
As I looked back the way we'd come, I realized the path tapered down in a gradual slope. No wonder I hadn't noticed the maze from the outside. Where we were standing was already several feet lower than the surrounding yard.

"So why did you bring me there," I asked, hurrying to catch up with Mercurius so I wouldn't get lost. I was referring to the fighting match on our, uh, date. The one where I saw Chance and his lyoken battling the serpent-wielder.

"When mother informed me that I must take you out," said Mercurius as we made yet another sharp turn. "She didn't say where. It seemed fitting to show you a bit of the world." Even while he spoke, he kept the brisk pace of a person who had been this way countless times before. I didn't get how he managed to keep the turns in his head, but he seemed anything but lost. If I didn't know better, I'd say he was leading us deeper into the maze on purpose. And maybe he was.

Finally, he said, "I suppose you've gathered by now that not all are as they seem. Humans are not the only creatures at play in this realm."

I nodded, having already decided I wasn't going to say anything about Chance, wasn't going to admit someone else had already told me something along these lines.

Still, it was odd being told again that demons were real. It would have been nice to be able to believe it was all some elaborate prank. But now that I was getting the same story from Mercurius of all people, there wasn't much else I could think.

"It was anything but coincidence that your family moved here. This city has been home to generations of demon for centuries. And you," he said, stopping abruptly so that I nearly ran into him as he turned to face me. "You." Mercurius lowered his face to mine, sneer back in place. But instead of continuing, he said, "God. Your smell..."

Uh, wait, I smelled? Okay, so maybe I sweat a little when I got nervous, but--

He shook his head, backing up, "My mother is fixated on pairing you with me. It's all because of the energy you give off. It's so strong, any demon could sense it a mile away."

"Wait. Are you trying to tell me you're a demon?"

At that, Mercurius actually laughed. It wasn't a light sound, but at least he stopped glaring for a moment.

"Just now figured that out, did you? Mother has it in her head that you're the lost Seed. But then you ought to at least be able to sense others of our kind. Mother has often thought many things I disagree with."

Hang on. "The Seed?"

Mercurius had started walking again and I jogged to get in front of him, but he simply turned down another fork and I had to chase again. It wasn't fair for him to say something like that and then not give any real explanation.

But he merely shook his head. "Already this is too much. There is no place on these grounds safe to talk. If you wish to learn more--"

That was when Mercurius stopped short again, and this time I really did slam into his back. I started to call him out for it, but he turned and clapped his hand over my mouth.

"Shh," he said, but he didn't have to bother. His grip was so tight against my lips, I couldn't have made a sound if I'd tried.

Up ahead, something rustled in the hedges.

- - -

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The Lost Seed
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