Abbas Ghallu
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A beautiful lie Part 3
I want to tell you this but part of me thinks you won't even care I want to confess my heart to you but I know that is something I could never do I’d give everything for you to see I was trying to hurt you before you hurt me and that was stupid now I know but the truth is I never wanted you to go and I never wanted to leave but I never was the type to have a heart on her sleeve But I think we both know I could never give you my heart it is already broken and I have lost the missing parts To be Continued by Muhammad Abbas Ali Ghallu Orignally by Ann Leverette With Picture of Simeone de Beauvoir
A beautiful lie Part 2
And I am still wondering how could you do this to me Blocking out thoughts of you won't keep you out of my head I feel like you could bring me back to life seeing as how I might as well be dead I dream of the day I can redeem myself to you tell you what I want and how I wish we were never threw how the pictures of us dance threw my mind and how I would do any thing if only I could rewind time to make things right I seem to keep reliving that one un forgetful night were I drove you away even though I wanted you there To be Continued by Muhammad Abbas Ali Ghallu Originally by Ann Leverette With Picture of Francois Bacon
A beautiful lie Part 1
I want a sugar coated life I said I can do better but the good book told me to think twice I no longer love because I no longer feel And you can say what you want but I refuse to believe this life is real This twisted reality has taken my sanity twisted my faith and deliver my vanity I think I’m broken because I’m no longer just bent this was about the same time you decapitated my innocents I wish this world could go back to what it use to be To be continued by Muhammad Abbas Ali Ghallu Originally by Ann Leverette With Picture of Martin Heidegger