Stubborn mind , lazy body and free soul .
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Give it a Try
You walked through the road it was the same boring rout for you well was not that boring today? because you saw a stranger stranger with black hair pink lips and wild eyes was she looking sad? was she looked like she need your help? so , you did help her with a tissue paper then she smiled at you ? how did I know? same boring story , she then started like you you two gone for a date BLAH BLAH BLAH!! Really? it's nothing like that ? not that same love story? So what ? she can't walk? She was on a weel chair? .................... and for her gorgeous smile and charming aura you can't get her out of your mind ? Oh! come on give it a try after all you like her.
Strong Enough
No ! Don't treat me like a barbie doll Don't think I'm depending on you Warning! don't do things that makes me feel small You know it very well So , faced it like a man be a man , don't act like stupid. Yes ! I'm strong enough strong enough to face all obstacles by myself Strong enough to run my home as well as my business don't need any help Strong enough to put a speech and collect more claps than you Stronge enough to live a luxurious life by my money. I'm not comparing my self with you because I know I'm more than you and you know it too So faced it like a 'man' which is your point of vanity. If you need a doll , go get a real doll because I'm not your puppet Strong enough to move my muscles by myself . I don't need your help . Thank you.
Life is Great
Life is always great when you are clear about your thoughts Life is great when you believe in your decision and be stubborn on it It's great when you are always ready for the prize and take it as a prize And life is always great when you don't give it up.