Paul Francis
I am with God.
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My name is whatever he chose He makes my houses So I can open a door One with a floor He gave me personal keys To keep it safe, sealed and secured Don't ask for directions to my home When the future Could be up in smoke I write to inform you of events What I envision Is what will occur It's not my intent At times I am the magma flow But with assurance of his word I am one of many an incense
Blacks To Breathe
The life of a man shouldn't differ No matter his color His pigmentation or shade Whatever name you want to go for A stick and a stone To shatter his bones Simply because he is darker No other factor He had a dream But it didn't last long Just as a dragonfly After its offsprings have sprung Others will live it for him But the cycle Is just that And their lives Will be treated like horse scat Even though They shade it in white And put it in a bun The way that we're seen Shouldn't be at all For what does it profit a man That takes another man's fall It is noble But it isn't If that man is heard singing a completely different song I won't be able to breathe If my neck is stuck under a knee For nothing I did wrong
Black Berry
I sit back to look at what's happening It's nothing new since the days of slavery A black man can't eat his berry in peace In fear of being deprived of it He has to hide it up in his sleeves It's boggling to comprehend When will a black mans struggle to keep his head above water ever end? Imagine We're just sitting on the ends! A cop car pulls up In rugged voices they shout out Get down! And lie on your chest! Then they put their knees firm on our necks We lay there thinking, I'm black So what's next? One of us gets up to run He gets put down as a ravaging dog That escaped from its leash The police either gets punished for their actions Or just like Zimmerman Gets away free Sir. Malcolm and Sir. Martin fought the fight, and laid down a landmark To make a black life equal to the other color We are the fruits of their labor So let's be great juice sources For the next generation To have unlimited fruity things to squeeze For the generation afterward To enjoy a cool black berry drink without bother Wherever they so please!