Paul Francis
I am with God.
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A Poetic Spasm
I walk with a lift One that you won't predict Call it a plate shift A fruit mix A musical sync I'll pause for a bit To analyse and theorize How Egyptians Made the Sphinx Call me a fixed match My results are a bias thing Gold plated brass knuckles Seem less And properly dated No relation to the calendar But it's good to be laid in Beds of Fresh lavender scents It's a complementary angle See what I did there If not Then let me untangle Bedroom sheets Lemme cover the basics Crosswords puzzle Ling Tai Chi Oh man Is always amazing Props for not evading Lays over Pringles I'm just chipping at your thoughts For a second Call me I'll pack this snack Just cause you're patient
The Righteous Call
The right way to go about life Is a mystery Not always seeing is believing Not recognizing my book's synopsis Doesn't mean that it's creepy I am is for me So no dog's allowed Within the vesinity If you don't get my rhymes It doesn't matter Cause the world's like that And we stick around Even when it turns tits to tats Waited up to alley oop The finish line in sight A quirky non metaphoric touchè This planet Won't eat itself alive The way tech is moving Us humans won't have a say In how or when we cross it Spread the word Like it or not I am homophobic THEY will say freedom of speech But to them Your opinions are useless Money and fame will pass away Wisdom is strength High order threats and actions come I am is for you too No one will come against
What is a buy in and a sell out No clue Even when I am filled in I have more doubts Don't you? They say it's ratty To do the latter on the first line But to do the fourth one Is all fine That's all bulls Except for Noble I hope I'm writing clean and clear And not jotting mumbo jumbo I had a record of doing so In my first year of high school I would pardon your French But I respect the language Zero fouls whilst in my class Or else You'd go Cuckoo! Now there wasn't any typo there I see you trying to play smart I studied types of imaging I know my types of art Don't you think too far I never strayed from starting stanzas topic This was me expanding my thoughts In different ways To better understand it