Alexandra Jo
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Another life
Everything is falling apart. It can't hide anymore. It's all too much. Where should it start? Where will it find the peace ? Looking for some hope. Looking for some happiness. It needs to fight. To not give up. It's all so unreal. Thinking about everything. It seems so hopeless. Leaving like that. Trying to find another life.
You say you didn't lie, sorry but you can't fool anyone. She knows what you did, what you wanted to do... "He never really loved me", she said. But he said he did, she thought. Did you really? "Listen", he said, " You disrespected me and I care about self respect a lot. I never lied to you and I didn't use you". She felt sad and she was upset. If you really love me you wouldn't leave me, she thought. That guy is a real fucking hypothetical asshole. He will get what he deserves. It was all sudden for her. She cried and cried and decided that she owns him nothing. She got attached too much. It was so painful for her that this happened to her again...
I have nothing now But to you I won't bow You think you won this round But I'll make sure you'll never make a sound The war is not over I'm the one who has more power And I'm the one who will take over