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Stopping point
Finally found a purpose in life. Been waiting a long time for it. Feeling like sleeping long hours. Summer is coming around, But felt like it happened before. This is what I am feeling like tonight. Knowing tomorrow when I wake up, Maybe things that I am building, Is the last of all. And one day, In my dream, and this feeling tonight, It will be gone. Like a stopping point, And it restart again, And praying for it last, Better than this, and better than before. Just let me know when, So I can prepared, When it last and lasting forevermore.
Maybe am not good?
Maybe I am not good. That's why you left me. If I cry tonight, Maybe I am not good. I love you since the start. Why can't you realize? I put my trust to you. A worst investment my return. Baby, the whole world. Could have belong to you! Why did you take my heart? And gave it to the sewer? Maybe you don't see my good? It's hidden somewhere. You have not found it yet, But you have gone without care. Now I am facing darkness, Please take me elsewhere. I feel sad and vulnerable. But maybe you don't care!
Since young age, Offer no remorse. Speeding things through, Offer no reflect. Put a price, For time being. Once you love, Love you pain. You ought knew, You can't say. Live by day Wait for results. From a dream, Brought to reality. I see it, Now I feel. May a good, To good person. May a bad, To bad people.