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I'm back
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Not you, not anyone
I wrote you letters And in those letters I poured my heart out Sealed them And burnt them. Such feelings should not be stirred by anyone.
Do you ever wonder why we lead the life that we live Why we follow norms and rules of a history we know nothing of Do you ever wonder if we're doing it right If we're taking steps that draw us closer to our death or if we keep sidestepping it. When do we finally draw that last breath in as all our life history speeds right before our very eyes If you focus on a memory do you die faster? When the last memory fades and we gaze at the sky We don't remember voices, sounds or even words We only see the beauty that we have looked at for so long without any deep thoughts Where do I go now? Is my last thought as my body surrenders, the battle has been won but this time, not in my favor.
My years
As the days to my death Draw nearer I loosen up, accepting all That comes my way It doesn't faze me it just Opens my eyes to see how far Gone the world truly is With each candle the breath Of my mouth puts out I inhale the smoke and smile It's just another day filled With joy and excitement Who am I to not enjoy it? I felt no excitement, pity Or even sadness I felt oddly satisfied that One day not too far In the future I'd draw my last breath And just like a little blip In the world's existence I'd be gone And the world will honor Me with surface pity.