Oshit Kul Ratan
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Life's a Rented Home
Life is a rented home, One day you have to change. Death when calls your name, You have to leave it. When happiness becomes unhappy with you It moulds itself into sadness. A time will come you fool, You have to walk on thorns You will become so innocent and helpless That shrug of your velvet had to be changed into coffin Clean your heart with faith, Leave the dirty deeds. Still there is a time wake up else you will burn in hell Your condition will become so Neither money nor power will work And you will be thrown out of your own tall building.
Unsung Heroes
Do you know about heroes They don’t act in feature films They deliver our newspaper and letters They fight for us sovereignty and dignity They grew food for us They pick our garbage They mow our lawn They repair our vehicles They guard our doors while we sleep! Do you know who else is a hero to us Who wash our clothes and iron them Who bring our groceries Who wash our utensils Who clean our house Who open the doors for us Who picks up our luggage Who washes our toilet and cleans our drains Who wanders everywhere bringing us the vegetables!
Why your every abuse contain a Woman ?
Nine months she irrigates in her womb Every month you grew up And she stretches her skin Your every kick She feel your every hunger inside her Your fate’s dream She decorated before even you Collecting cent by cent Your every clothes, every toy She make from her own hands Still a shame your every abuse Contain a woman. One is your sister One is your friend Her sweets, her ice cream She shares with you Saving you from scolding of teacher Signing on every mistake of your Your cell-phone, your laptop for everything she fights Being your shield she surrenders in front of family Still a shame your every abuse Contain a woman. After marriage she left her home for you For you her name and work Everything she sacrificed She turned your house into home She prepares food and feed you So you not remain hungry Eating only after you left the table Your coming part of family She nursed in her womb Accepting your family as her own Leaving her own parents Still a shame your every abuse Contain a woman.