Menkar Sadhukhan
Love is a addiction it clings to you even if you try to let go of it .
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How could I forget your warm eyes once Which turned cold with hatred . How you held out your hand To support me Love me and embrace me From all evils . Now you are distant , Leaving me alone in dark I call out to you But you don't respond . How you soothed my pain That caused me break sometimes . Now that I am broken You left me desolate Searching for my shelter in your heart. How could forget the moments We spent together Loving caressing and Making our souls as one . Now you are not mine anymore To hold onto To say that Our love will survive all storms To be a eternal love story .
Last night
It was the last night We spend together. Holding on for last moment , Losing you to the world You would go away Away from me forever. I would not call you my love Anymore anytime my heart. I would drown in my pain. Pain of separation Tearing of one heart from another. I looked into your Looking into mine Brimming with water of separation I am lost I am in pain without you . Last night seems to be a eternity Eternity of memory .