Rain Drops
Crestfallen Angel
Стихи Все
Au revoir
Lonely eyes trapped in the dark Can someone give me light? Living a life with miserable heart Can someone help me fight? Behind the mask I'm wearing Is a heart that keeps bleeding Is a mind that keeps hurting Is a soul that tired of fighting Destruction within my veins I'm surrounded by pain Miseries that I gain Didn't cease like a rain I'm tempted by the kiss of death Should I decided to stop my breath?
I Know
Watching the downpour of the rain Then you suddenly came I'm mesmerize by your hair Captivated by your cold stare You don't even smile You don't even speak You don't even give a damn And that makes me feel down Even though you're surrounded by wall You manage to make me fall I wanted to call you my own That's impossible... i know
Letter of Mimosa
Making a simple mistake Can it make everything break? Smiling but its fake Until when... can I take? Say that I'm fine? I think it's a hard line Say that I'm numb? Deep down I'm hurting so bad With that single word being spoken You made my heart broken You made my tears fallen You made my life darken I just made a simple mistake Yes i do smile but it's fake