Rosa Robins
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Free fall...
Baby I'm still waiting here Behind that wooden door That you closed easily to leave I'm still wiping away the tears With the hands that you always held tight I'm still alive By the pounds of a heart that fell for you But you were always a free fall And my eyes were always closed Now watch me on my knees Watch me surrounded by my heart Broken into pieces...!
Queen Of Dreams...
Left to be alone in darkness When he steps in... Waterfalls making rainbows Fireflies leaving trees... Oh queen of dreams...! Tell me that I'm not dreaming Give me the whole love in the world And let me waste it on him...
...Woke The Sleeping Waves...
It was only the last weekend... The beach was silent... The waves were sleeping... I was cuddled in your arms , as the slow wind passed by... There was nothing else to watch , rather than the red and golden sky... I still here your voice , the way you told me forever... It still seems sweet , even though I know it's gone till never... You left like there was nothing to stay for... I say nothing , but just for once more... Think of what you said that day... Cause your words woke the sleeping waves... And now I'm here... Shattered on the empty floor... I now think of the meaning of your words... What did you mean by that FOREVER...?