Rosy M.
Rosy M. is a writer, and designer of BioShifax health company a writer for living.
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Happy New Year, Everyone
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Little Ocean
Oh, little ocean, how your waves doth speak Of love's sweet tumult, and its gentle sway Each ripple, like a kiss upon the cheek Echoes the passion that I feel each day. Your depths are as mysterious as love's hold A fathomless abyss, where secrets hide Yet, like the heart, your beauty doth unfold As the tides ebb and flow with the changing tide. Like love, you are both calm and tempest-tossed A gentle breeze or raging hurricane Yet even in the storm, love is not lost And in your depths, a peaceful calm remains. Oh, little ocean, how like love you be Ever-changing, yet constant as the sea.
Virgin Coconut Oil
Virgin coconut oil, oh so pure and fine, From the tropical islands, a treasure divine, Cold pressed and unrefined, it's nature's delight, A versatile oil, it shines both day and night. In the kitchen, it's a cook's best friend, In the bathroom, it's a beauty trend, On the skin, it's a moisturizer supreme In the hair, it shines like a gleaming dream. It's a superfood, packed with nutrients and good fats, It's a natural remedy, for ailments and bad habits, It's a source of energy, to keep you going strong, In the world of oils, it belongs to the throne. Virgin coconut oil, oh so pure and fine, A gift from the coconut, a treasure divine. As the sun beats down on the palm trees tall, The coconuts mature and the oil does fall, Into the hands of skilled and gentle hands, Who carefully extract, with love and plans: To preserve the oil's natural goodness and health, To bring it to you, a culinary wealth, To be used and enjoyed, in so many ways, In cooking, baking, and beauty, it never fades. Virgin coconut oil, oh so pure and fine, From the tropical islands, a treasure divine, It's a staple in many homes, a go-to choice, For a healthier life, it's the perfect voice.
Bioshifax Healing
Bioshifax healing, a force so bright, A ray of hope in the darkest night, It mends the wounds and soothes the pain, Bringing joy and healing once again. With gentle hands and a heart so pure, Bioshifax healing is the cure, It works its magic, soft and slow, Bringing balance, helping us grow. So if you're feeling lost or blue, Bioshifax healing is what you should do, Just close your eyes and let it flow, And watch as your troubles start to go. Bioshifax healing, a light that shines, Bringing love and peace to troubled minds; It helps us heal and find our way, Bringing joy and happiness each day.