Sachin Bohra
Sharing the knowledge is my hobby and gaining it is my habit. I am a rider, poem privider
Стихи Все
An Island Of My Dream
As expense and a vast land, No more animals but was a treasure island, Seems to be excited but there was not a man, And the whole Journey regarded to my seem, Was the powerful imagination of my Dream. Within a few hours, My whole life was in a small tour, Which was hanging over all hour. Suddenly I wake up and take a shawer, I can't tell you it was my wonderful hour.
Thoughts of a Poet
I have something to write, But didn't express it beautiful and bright, And want a multiple likes and subscribes, My mother always told me everything is right, But my only response is get ready to fight, To express my love and emotions without any strike, When the next day came I think my life is like a game, Where poetry is only my name. By Sachin bohra