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Those Four days
The four happy days, Can you bring them back please? As I live and breathe , the first time I sneeze. You laughed and called the wife to see me naked a try to fly. I fall many be once or twice but I never cry. I always land in you hand, I wonder when did you become superman. I shout just to see you run and act like a fool. Oh my papa don't you worry I won't tell how you share a big drop of tear. Oh lord I have seen how you made a big guy into a dear. Those four days of hell I left you there. Those four days for no sleep when I been sick. Those four days of agony when I fall from the tree. Those four day of school when we worry for the +B Those four day of fight when you did like my life. Those four day of rehab when I called you but you didn't turned. Those four days of time I made you laugh. Those four days life when you hand me to an another man. Those four days when I cried when mom died. Those four days when stayed by my side on my traied Those four days when you cried in the dark but smile in the light. Those four day when you were sick but didn't call me one time. Those four day when you asked me 'are you fine?? " Those four day of regrets when I stand at you grave and ask "Are you fine too? "
Sometimes It's Too Late To Make Things Right, Sometimes We Hurt Sometimes others around us Others More Than We Realize , oh what my life has become Sometimes A Smile Fades In Front Of Our Eyes And Sometimes We are The Reason For those pearl drop in your eyes Tears In your Eyes. . .crush my heart everytime Never Treat Anyone The Way You Don't Want To Be Treated ... Love Life And Love The Ones Around You...