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First feeling of first kiss!
Found by the fire, glowing with heat. Lying on the ground, like a piece of meat. You lifted me up, into your arms. Caressed my skin, kept me from harm. You opened my eyes, said, it's alright. Just sit and relax, and hold me tight. You lifted me up, and laid me down. Upon the bed, far from the ground. You seemed to glow, like heaven-sent. I felt the warmth, that your heart lent. You smiled and winked, I took a breath. I heard your heart, beat in your chest. With every beat, the time stood still. Your gentle skin, my hands could feel. I smelled your scent, so clean and pure. It made me feel, so reassured. I sat up high, so I could see. This amazing person, in front of me. I leaned towards you, and closed my eyes. And put my hands, upon your thighs. I felt your breath, upon my lips. You caressed my jaw, with your fingertips. My body trembled, ever so slightly. I heard your voice, speak to me lightly. I've wanted this, for so very long. These feeling here, are truly strong. You have me now, what do you do? I am right here, in front of you. I leaned in more, and felt the touch. This awesome feeling, I loved so much. True perfection, was the thought. But to continue, I better not. I held back, I had to resist. All I wanted, was to be kissed. By your lips so soft, so very nice. So very full, so full of life. You laid me down, and looked at me. Said, it's alright, I can see. Just go to sleep, i'll hold you close. You touched my lips, and pinched my nose. You held me close, all through the night, I held your hand, so very tight. I felt complete, so full of bliss. Knowing that I just had, my very first kiss.
A kiss!!
A kiss my lips to yours' wakes my soul, my lips to yours' tell a secret that only my heart knows. Such grace as our eyes close and share a breath... Words lose meaning and mean even less. Lost in rapture of a perfect dance, when two lovers leap and take a chance. A first kiss not outdone by the second- a third kiss and surely the fourth one beckons! No day shall ever find a reason why, no star could ever shine so divine... A million poets could try- but would fall every time, when into rhyme they try to harness the passion of your lips pressed against mine.
The rain !!
'the rain does not seems like' the rain does not seems like rain the sun does not shine on me anymore where should I go and hide the pain where should I go and end this bane life has become so meaningless it's all in the quest of one big mess can't imagine my life this way nothing is left to do or say coz I have lost it all yes, I have lost my love!