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i'm back!!
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Happy New Year 2021
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Merry Christmas Sherlocks!
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Tied Forever....
He said, "I can't live with you." She said, "We can't get along together." They both said, "We want divorce!" That, was their final decision. They placed some dollars on the Justice's table, And got ready for it. The Justice handed over the decree, They remembered. Their marriage, Their well spent moments, Their trips, Their smiles that they smiled together, The sobs that they sobbed together, The photos that they clicked together, And most importantly, The feelings that they had for each other. Both of them looked at each other, Because they knew They were possessing the same feelings. Teardrops were on the decree. They wanted to resume their marital life. They didn't want divorce. But they couldn't cancel it. They were no longer husband and wife. They broke down. But then the Justice's words, Appeared as the silver lining to the dark cloud. They could be remarried. Again smiled their hearts. Again lighted up their face. Again did they longed for each other. All of this happened because love persisted in their hearts Right from the start. Again did both of them want to be tied forever....
Why does she have to?
She's so dramatic! She's a couch potato! She got a B, we got an A! She's looks so annoying with her glasses! Her friends tell..... You're lazy! You're too young to do these! Why can't you score more? Its just because of your phone that you such an introvert! Her face is full of pimples! Her parents tell.... Huh, look what dress she's wearing! Why doesn't she put on make up! Her teeth look ugly with those braces! Why does she talk so loudly? Is that even a way, a girl should sit? Her relatives tell..... She's such a dumb girl. She must not do these! Why does she have social media? She can't even talk properly! She's a mess! She'll never succeed! The world tells.... Am I so useless? Am I not worthy of anything? Am I so ugly? Why should I put makeup to look pretty? Why can't I be myself? Am I such a failure? Her heart questions..... Why does she have to hear all these, That too when she's just fifteen? Why can't she be like her? Why can't the world accept her as she is? Why does she have to be an apple of everyone's eye? Stop! She's dieing! She has enough talent! Looking good always doesn't matter! What matters is the, Heart you have. Not the outer appearance. She's striving to be herself! After spending days and days of struggle, Trying to get the highest score, She has to bear so much pain. After hours of hard work, When she goes to rest, She feels she hasn't done enough. After almost dieing from inside, hearing negative comments and abuses, She is forced to put on a fake smile. Why does she have to cover her scars? Why does she have to live under a veil? Why can't she fly like a bird? ......
Under the Mask
You are beautiful. You are so beautiful. Anyone will be amazed by you. Your gentleness, caring attitude and love Is praised everywhere. But after staying with you for such a long time, I have come to know, That it was only a mask. People didn't know, what lied under that mask. I eventually came to know the truth. You only pretended to be good, Just to be praised by people. Who knew that? No one.... Only I knew. You wear a mask, Your outer side is beautiful, good natured and sweet, But your inner side is dark, jealous and insecure. Sometimes I wish I could tell this to everyone and pull off your mask. But I don't do so, I just don't.....