Veritas V
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Day 8
I walked on the shore, I saw all the sights, I saw the amazing heights, I saw you beauty, How can something be so simple yet so complex, Dear nature the mother who nurtures, Just how many years have you walked, Along the trees, the beaches, and shores, Along the forest, desert, and man, Can we ever hear your voice, To know your pain, to know you sights, To know how far you came, And tell us more human how little we are.
Day 7
You bloomed like a rose, And traveled to the sky, Your fame became all that you saw, But the truth was you are so much more, When young you had beauty and charm, When starting up in singing, You were second to none, But you always could become number one, Sadly you no long could hear me, Your own voice as I cried to say, "Please be free", "Don't let them tell who you are", "Or what you can be", But now you hear the crowd, You thought they were your happiness, Yet all I saw was emptiness, While soaring high into the sky and space, You became lost in the star, Even when all you wanted was acceptance, All you wanted was to be free, From pain and saddness, From the black void and loneliness, Yet you rejected me, your voice for strangers, When all you need was to see, And reach for a hand shining in the deep black sea of stars, So please just this once please don't reject me.
Day 6
We made vows on a beautiful day, I was laughing with joy, My stomach cramping with jitters, But my father too my hand and said, "Look my princess and see how pure you are with loving charm", I looked and heard a beating of my heart, Almost as though it was louder than the guests, I was a bride to the groom of my dreams, ... It's time to start, Hands held I walked forward, I stepped onto the stage, Like how embarked on another point of life, ..... I said my vows "in sickness and in health", "I will stand by you, with you and for you", "For kingdom come to everlasting life", I heard from him "with these ring I am bound and with this kiss I forever cherish my life with you until forever" With a kiss I leave the holy church as God bears witness to happiness ..... I now wished I had never said "I do".