An actress/writer looking for her big break!
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On a Saturday night I sat and thought about the previous lies The fights All the times you had made me cry I strived to keep us alright But I had no more might Now as I cross the streets I see your fingers intertwined With a new lover, they say he is an athlete I know they say love is blind But I thought we had something I wish for one day I will find someone to mend my broken heart I pray That I will be smart For I made a mistake with you, darling As the days pass by I see my tears dry up As I now realize I was never the bad guy So I now lineup At the checkout lane in Home Depot As I ponder back to our old memories I start to realizes the toxins in your blood Everything we thought we had now gone And as my eyes flood A mademoiselle insist the words “come on” Her eyes sparkle and I long to know more Before I am gone I look down at the floor And press on. “What is your name?” “Fawn” Some time had passed From my first encounter with Fawn It had all happened very fast But she had showed me everything I dreamed of For Fawn, I know, will stay from dusk till dawn.
Sapphire eye Sapphire night The type of color that makes you cry The one that can make you lose sight Why it can make you die Craving its internal beauty You lust to make it yours The temptations flying in your head It's your duty You must obtain the jem to be reassured Even if you it turns you into shreds   You dash towards the trees You scavenge the land to obtain it The precious jem, such a tease You must be willing to commit Commit to its extreme power Once its found Your journey is done But you must listen, for the jem contains a secret power The one that can make you drown And make you think it's fun But wait Ah, nevermind Enjoy your precious jewel You cowardly fool