Henry Tannor
High school student Love, reading and creative writing Lover of God Evangelist
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New book - Heart Ache
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Sweet Scent of Gratitude
When I was a child You weaned me With the jealous care of your arms And those bold beautiful blue skies You gave me for my tender wings Mother hen doesn't kill But she chastizes When she grasps you in her claws You see it in her eyes - the love And it's overflowing With a feeling you cannot say Or even print into time For it's the rarest jewel of all When she screamed There was a pain That simply ripped her apart Though she knew, deep n her heart That if her boy is to make it big Then my tears would make me stronger So she smiles through the pain Now I made it big And I'm on the way to give this flower To my Mama as but a simple 'Thank you' With the first dime I make for myself I run across the street And the boat I row across the river To that old cottage on the hill Where my little feet took their first steps I feel that breeze and I do not know If this is simply enough But I know roses are her favorite So I fly with my now mighty wings As joy overwhelms my grateful heart And yes I run to Mama's room To see that she was asleep A cold nose cannot smell a rossy rose Nor a soulless eye see its beauty I stare at her, pale And my tears cannot flow My heart is silent My mind is blackened My soul is broken My spirit groans out loud I should have given my roses When the heart was warm And the nose was fit To smell the sweet scent of gratitude
I Still Care
I still care Lord God knows I'm true And these I wouldn't dare To forget all that is you Heaven help me that I do not lose myself When I'm forced to discard your perfect face And all that you own in thyself For if I do, I forget to remember my youthful days My clarity is with you, my friend New company doesn't see my worth And the void from you leads to despair I hold on to the memories we share If it means anything to you And I hope you do know That I still care
Lily Among Thorns
I took root in the ground And time grew me to my youth But among thorns was I found A dark shield from the truth O! I strained and i stretched To see beyond the lifeless nights The wretched rules were farfetched From the depths of ominous sights There, no ray of light was That gloom was the soul's death That here and there, did it toss Me, a dying flower, bitter 's wreath But O! A hand did I see Outstretched and into the thick To fight and deliver me to be As free and certain as the tick It came down from above and over Was pierced and ah! It bled In pain and agony until t'was over After dew and sun, I was fed O! A new standing I attained Among the green in the fairest valley All that i desire can be obtained For the greatest hands keep me in that valley I was the lily among the mounds of thorn Shut out from the arms of the light A lily for the good is now reborn In a place and time, and light, ready to fight