The Letter
Uninvited Guest
A Secret Revealed
The Nightmare
Love Confession
New Identity
Business Deal
Happy End
Business Deal
      The next day, Jack started looking for Lucy. He went to the place where he met her but she was not there."How fool I am that I never asked for her number." He was about to go when he saw her. He stood there for a minute lost in her. She reached him and wave her hand. He looked at her and imagined her with him.
      "Hi, it's good to meet you again." He said. She smiled and that smile captivated him even more. He wanted to see her smile everyday."Uhh...... can we go for a coffee?" He asked and she accepted. They went to a nearby cafe and ordered. She ordered black coffee and he ordered the same.
       They talked and everytime he looked at her. Andrea,Mark and Justin were in the same cafe. Mark got angry and wanted to strangle him but Justin stopped him."How can he look at my girl like that?" He said looking right at Jack."Am I smelling jealousy around?" Andrea asked making fun of Mark. She laughed and added,"Don't worry, your girl is yours only. Now stop acting like a child."
          Mark kept looking at him. Jack and 'Lucy' kept talking."Ohh... I forgot to ask you. If you don't mind can I get your number?" She smiled and said,"Uhh..sure." And they exchanged the numbers. Jack told her he will call her and invited her to his house."Sure,I'll come." She said and left."Yes! I did it." Jack and Lisa both thought.
      She went back to the house and hugged her best friend. She kissed Mark and said,"This really is exhausting." She sat on the sofa near Mark and Andrea answered,"You are doing this for us and yourself but someone here feels jealousy when you are with that boy."Andrea looked at Mark and smiled at him.
     Mark picked up a pillow and threw it on her but instead it hit Justin who was infront of her protecting her."You can't hit my girl when am there." Lisa smiled and said,"am lucky to have you all. Am happy to have met you all." In the morning, Lisa received a call. When Mark wanted to answer, Lisa took the phone. She answered and she recognised the voice.
       She slowly whispered to Mark,"It's him,Jack." Mark looked angry and wanted to hit the phone on the wall. Lisa chuckled and started talking. They talked and Jack told Lisa to come to their house. She accepted and said she will be there."I'll send you the address, I can't wait to see you again."
    She hanged up and saw the message."I can't wait to see you again,as if my girl belongs to him." Mark said as he went to the washroom. Lisa smiled to herself and went to the sitting room. Breakfast was already there and Mark came down. They ate breakfast and Lisa kissed Mark on the lips. Mark never wanted to leave her."Heyyy...easy now. It's not like she is going there forever. You will have her all night. Now let her go." Andrea said as she pulled Lisa.
      Mark let go of her and kissed her on the forehead. Lisa left with the luxurious car and arrived at her destination. She remembered how that man did to her best friend and lover. She also remembered his words of killing her mother. She tightened her fist and said,"I have to face him and act normal. She tied a camera to her necklace.
       Nobody will know whether it's a camera or a small diamond ruby attached there. Most will believe it's the diamond ruby attached to a necklace which is normal to rich people. She knocked at the door and was welcomed by Jack."You are here!" He said and hugged her tightly."Mom,dad!Come see who is here."
       He pulled Lisa in and asked her to sit. His mother came out of the kitchen with different kind of desserts. She looked at her and was mesmerised with her clothes,jewellery and how beautiful she is. She smiled and said," are soo beautiful and those earrings must be expensive." Her husband elbowed her and they both sat."Welcome, am really proud of my son." Lisa aka Lucy stared at him. She shaked his hand and they both introduced to each other.
      "OK....soo... I wanted to talk about business." Mr Maxwell nervously said. Lucy listened as she records everything. He urges the wife to go and bring the things and Lisa asked one of her men to go get it. He went and came back with 3 bags of money. When they all saw that, they were shocked and surprised.
    They were enchanted with those money when Lisa opened the bag. They brought every kind of drugs and Lisa asked how they sold them."Well, my son here gives it to his friends and they sell abroad. Also not only these but also some weapons and most things which were stolen." Lisa listened carefully and she nodded.
      "Soo....are these 3 bags enough? Give me half of each of them and I'll inform you how it will go." She answered and they looked at each other."3 bags for each half of them?"Mr Maxwell asked. Lisa nodded and said,"isn't it enough?" He looked at her and said,"'s actually even more. We get only one bag for each of them but it's ok we will take that."
      Lisa knew she hit the target and celebrated in her mind."OK, I'll take your leave now as I have a meeting with my members. I'll inform you if it goes well." They nodded and bid goodbye to them. Jack was happy and that night he wanted to call her to talk about his feelings but his father declined and told him to wait until the business is successful. He accepted and could not express his happiness.

Will the business be a success or the murderer will be captured? Will Lisa succeeds in her revenge? Keep reading and find out.
© Princess Girl,
книга «The Mysterious Man».