The Letter
Uninvited Guest
A Secret Revealed
The Nightmare
Love Confession
New Identity
Business Deal
Happy End
      After two days, Lisa called Jack. He immediately answered."The business is done." She said and Jack handed the phone to his dad."Really? In two days? This is amazing. Am happy to have partnership with you. I really chose a great person." He said. Little did he know that all those things were in the police station and only her daughter changed her identity.
       At night, Lisa and her team celebrated while Mr Maxwell celebrated on his side. Days went by and became months and the "business" continued. Jack decided that it's now or never."I'll have to tell her. I remember what happened to that girl while that Mark boy didn't express his feelings. Poor him but am lucky. I'll be rich."
      He called Lisa but she did not answer as she was enjoying her time with Mark and he never let her answer. Jack wondered and texted her. That's when Lisa decided to look at the message."You don't have to look at it."Mark said grabbing her hand but Lisa got hold of the phone and saw the message. She read,"are you ok? Why aren't you answering my calls?" She called him and informed him she was busy.
      "I was just making something for you so that we can celebrate our success." He smirked and asked her to meet him. Lisa looked at Mark and he shake his head. Lisa rolled her eyes and answered,"sure,I'll come." Mark got a little angry and wanted to go but Lisa grabbed him. After disconnecting the call, she said,"Don't you trust me? Don't you want me to succeed?"
     Mark said nothing and went for the door. He caught the door knob and turned back at Lisa before going,"I hate to see you with that man. Hope all this will end soon." He left and Lisa looked a little hurt. Lisa went and saw Jack waiting at the park. She reached him and some people surrounded them. One of them came forward and introduce the group."We are from Star News and we have some questions for you madam."
     Lisa accepted but Jack was afraid. He thought that if the police see him, he will be arrested hence he hid behind Lisa. She looked at him and asked what was wrong. He explained the situation and Lisa told the news people whom she herself called them."Am sorry but I can't answer your questions now. As you can see am with my lover here enjoying the moment and he is a little shy infront of cameras."
      The lady who came infront to introduce the group smiled and Lisa showed her a sign of thumbs up. They left and Jack came out from behind her."Uhh....thank you for helping me there." She smiled and that was enough for him. Everyday they used to meet and Lisa recorded everything the son said. Since his mother knew her son was in love, she decided to go with Lisa to shopping but instead Lisa ended up buying her everything she wanted.
        Party was held at Jack's house and Mark wanted to go."How can we enter there?"Andrea said. Lisa explained the plan and that is when they entered as maids. The party went well and Jack offered Lisa his hand to dance with her. She accepted and they went to the dance floor."Lucy.....I don't know how to say this but..... tonight you look soo beautiful." She smiled and looked at the direction of Mark.
      Mark was not happy. He decided to leave the party. Lisa said that she had to leave and she left. She arrived at home and saw Mark breaking things and Andrea and Justin trying to stop him. Mark threw a bowl and it almost hit Lisa when she missed it. Lisa got angry and went to him."What's wrong with you?" Mark was shocked but never said anything.
      He was about to go upstairs when Lisa stood infront of him. He tightly hugged him and kissed him. The kiss was passionate which assured Mark that Lisa still loved him."Nobody can take me from you no matter who it is." She said and added,"tomorrow will be the last day of all this drama."
      "Tomorrow??" Andrea shouted."Why tomorrow? Do you mean that......" Before she finished, Lisa added,"Yes. Tomorrow they will be arrested since I have more than enough proof." They looked at each other and Mark tightly hugged Lisa and apologized,"am really sorry for behaving like this. I really could not see you being touched by another man." Lisa kissed him and accepted his apology.
     "But how will they be captured?" Justin asked and Lisa answered,"wait and you will see." The next day, Lisa called Jack and informed him that she organized a party to her house since today was her birthday."Really? I never knew. Sure,I'll come and also inform my parents that they are invited." Lisa reminded him to come with his friends also and he agreed.
      That evening, they all arrived in a car which Lisa sent it for them."woooww.....gorgeous. Look at that bungalow." Jack's mother said. Lisa came out of the house and invited them in. Guests were everywhere wearing beautiful clothes. The party went well."Ummm....Lucy..can I talk with you in private?" Lisa looked behind and saw Jack. She excused herself and followed him.
     "I wanted to tell you that...." He said as he kept coming closer nearly to kiss her but they heard a bottle break. Lisa ran to the scene and there he saw the waiter(Mark) angry."Ohhh nooo." She said and went directly to him."Can't you do your work properly?" She shouted and Mark apologized and went back. At that time, Jack was drunk and so was his father and mother.
      "It's time." She said and the lights were switched off. A projector was switched on and Lisa's photos appeared. Since the three of them were drunk,they could not see properly. Lisa removed her fake hair and makeup and went back to the Lisa she was. She stood infront of his father with a small light pointed at her.
      Mr Maxwell laughed but then an icy cold water was poured on him. He opened his eyes wide when he saw Lisa infront of him."Nooo....this can't be. You can't be alive. I killed you and you didn't survived just like your mother when she was taken to the hospital. I killed her and she did not survive then how can you survive?"
        The lights were on and everybody looked at him. A gun was pointed at his son and wife and he was shocked. Andrea,Mark and Justin removed their maids uniform and looked right at Mr Maxwell." cheated me. Where are my drugs and those things I gave you to sell them? Where did you take them?"
     He wanted to pounce on Lisa but the police stopped him. He thought they were normal people and shouted,"leave me alone you bastard." He said shaking them off."You are under arrest. We are the police officers." They said as they removed their badges."You lied to me and cheated me. I will never forget this and you will pay for this." He said as the police dragged him and his family. Jack stared at Maya before he was dragged away from there.

What will happen now that the criminals were arrested? Will they come back or will Lisa enjoy her victory. Keep reading and drop a ❤ if you love it.
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