The Letter
Uninvited Guest
A Secret Revealed
The Nightmare
Love Confession
New Identity
Business Deal
Happy End
       "Are you going to the hospital today?" Her best friend Andrea asked. Lisa was working as a doctor in a private hospital. Her mother died when she was 6 years old and she was adopted by the orphanage.  She never knew where her dad was.
       "I am free today," She said thinking far away. Her mind was completely somewhere thinking about the days she was with her mother.
Little Lisa:"Mom, where is dad?"
Mom:"Your dad went far away and he is not going to come back. Now, stop asking about your dad ever again."
From that day, Lisa never asked her mom about her father."Lisa,Lisa,Lisa!" She was out of her thoughts only to see her best friend staring at her.
       "Are you ok?" Andrea asked her and she nodded."Let's go shopping since you are free today." Lisa never felt like going to shopping but she never wanted to annoy her best friend. She got changed and they decided to hit the road.
       They went shopping and Lisa wanted to visit the orphanage she grew up from. The children were happy to see her as she always visits every week. She gave them gifts and some money to the owner of the orphanage. 
        Reaching home, they found a letter lying infront of the door and a package."Did you order something today?" Lisa asked her best friend who was busy looking at her phone."No, why?" Lisa pointed at the package and the letter and her best friend was surprised.
      Lisa picked it up and read it loudly," To Lisa from Unknown." Lisa was shocked and they both entered the house."Do not open the package! There might be something dangerous!" Her best friend warned her but Lisa opened the package only to find her mother's photos.
         Surprised as she was, she decided to open the letter. She read,"Your life is in danger. There are secrets you need to know." They both looked at each other and Lisa wondered,"who could it be? How could my life be in danger?"
    Will Lisa find out the truth? Will she know the secrets? Stay tuned for more.
© Princess Girl,
книга «The Mysterious Man».