The Letter
Uninvited Guest
A Secret Revealed
The Nightmare
Love Confession
New Identity
Business Deal
Happy End
The Letter
      Pacing up and down, Lisa never knew what to do with the letter. She could not believe what she read. She kept reading again and again to make sure the letter was meant for her."Let us take it to the police station." Andrea, her best friend said. Shaking her head, she refused to let the police interfere.
         The next day, she prepared herself as usual ready to go to work. She took her car keys and left the house. Reaching the hospital, she collided with a man who had covered his face. A tall man with hoodie covering his face never waited for Lisa to apologize.
       He left in a hurry and Lisa thought that he indeed was in a hurry. She went to her office to check her schedule and left to treat a patient. A young boy was injured and he was happy when he met Lisa. Lisa treated him and assured him he will be ok.
       The boy's parents came to check on the boy and Lisa excused them. Time passed and it was time for lunch. As usual, Lisa went to the restaurant and ordered her usual meal. After she was done, she continued her shift until late at night.
         When she was done, she left the hospital and went to her car. She was shocked to see a paper attached to her windscreen. She took the letter and entered her car. She arrived at home shaking and sweating. Her best friend was already asleep and Lisa decided to drink some water to calm down.
      She slowly opened the letter not realizing someone was behind her."Have you arrived?" She screamed and dropped the letter ready to hit the person behind her."Easy, it's me Andrea, what happened?" Lisa gave her the letter and Andrea was shocked."Another letter??" Lisa nodded and Andrea decided to open it.
        "To Lisa from Unknown,
  As I told you before, your life is in danger. Everything is not as you see. Your mother was killed and it was never an accident. Do not inform the police about it or you will be killed."
       What will happen to Lisa? Who is this mysterious person?
© Princess Girl,
книга «The Mysterious Man».