The Letter
Uninvited Guest
A Secret Revealed
The Nightmare
Love Confession
New Identity
Business Deal
Happy End
New Identity
      The sun was shining bright. Lisa opened her eyes only to find Mark near her. Mark's head was on her chest. She slowly woke him up. Mark woke up groaning and went back to sleep."Wake up, I have something to say." Mark rubbed his eyes and sat on the bed."Is something wrong? He asked. Before Lisa could answer, she heard Andrea's voice."Are you guys still sleeping?"
      Justin was heard trying to stop her. Lisa woke up and headed for the door. She opened and Andrea entered."What are you guys still doing on bed? Is it....."Before Andrea finishes her sentence,Lisa shouted,"Andrea!!" She smiled and kept quiet."So Lisa,what have you decided?"Justin asked.
     "Am gonna be the girl they need."She answered."Woooohooo, hurray. I knew my girl won't fail me. Yes! High five." Andrea shouted as she raised her hand. Lisa high five her and the boys looked at each other and shake their heads."How crazy can girls be especially when they are together?" They both said and Lisa and Andrea laughed.
       "Now, you need makeup, new hairstyle and sexy clothes." Andrea added as she dragged Lisa to the mall. The boys hurriedly followed not to be left."It's girls' shopping. Why are you guys following?" Andrea asked."We want to see how beautiful our girls will be." Mark answered as he winks to Lisa.
      Lisa blushed and accepted for them to come along. They went to the mall and did alot of shopping. Next, Andrea took Lisa to the salon and the boys decided to stay at the hotel. Hours and hours they kept roaming every corner and finally they were done. They went back to the hotel and  they decided to meet in Lisa's room.
        They all came together and it was time for Lisa to change. She went to the washroom and came out after changing."Wooooowwwww!" Mark exclaimed and rubbed his eyes to make sure he saw things right."I never knew my girl would turn this beautiful. You are indeed my special one." He said as he came closer to Lisa and kissed her.
        "OK, enough of your little romance. Can we get a selfie?" They accepted and they all came together and Andrea took the picture. "Now that is what we call a team." She added. It was time for the mission. Lisa decided to hire people to help her. They hired a luxurious car and she was ready to face the murderer of her mother.
      She went to the news and announced."Dad, look! Isn't she beautiful?" Mr Maxwell's son pointed at the tv."Indeed she is, but where will I get her number and where will I find her?" Mr Maxwell said as he thinks."Dad, don't worry, I'll find her." The father smiled and was happy.
     The next morning, Lisa with her new style decided to take a walk."Excuse me, madam." She heard the voice which she recognised. She turned around majestically and the boy fell in love that instant. He could not take his eyes off her."Yes,how may I help you?" But there was no answer.
     Lisa waved her hand infront of his face and hit him. He came out of his dream and looked right into her eyes."Ohh hi. Am Jack and may I know you? I actually saw you on tv." Lisa thought,"Yes, I think my plan is working." She looked at him and offered her hand."Hi, am Lucy. Nice to meet you." He looked at her hand and held it tightly.
    Instead of shaking it, he kissed the back of her hand. Lisa also known as Lucy removed her hand from his grip."So what do you do?" She asked him."Uhh....well nothing much. I just help my dad in the business. They walk side by side and talked. Jack did not take his eyes off Lisa."I think I have to go now. My car will arrive now." The instant she finished her sentence, the car arrived. A long luxurious car with tinted windows.
      "Woowww! She is even richer than my dad."Jack exclaimed and Lisa looked at him."Did you say something?" She asked."No, nothing. Bytheway nice car." Lisa smiled and kissed him on the cheek. He did not know how to react. He was on cloud nine. The bodyguard opened the door for her and she entered.
     She went to the new house which she rented and found her friends waiting for her."You are here, thank God." Mark ran towards her and hugged her. She explained everything to them and they were soo happy."Yes! You have to teach that so called step-brother of yours a lesson." They all laughed but Mark was not happy.
    He left the room and Lisa went after him."What's wrong? Don't you like this idea?" Lisa asked."You mean the idea of falling in love with another man?" Mark angrily said. Lisa was shocked. She turned Mark around and asked him if he was jealousy but he never said anything.
      "Do you think I'll ever fall in love with that fool when I have a handsome man with me?" Lisa asked as she leans closer to him. She kissed him on the lips and Mark calmed down hence kissing Lisa."Don't you ever leave me,ok?" Lisa smiled and hugged him as she nodded."It's a promise for life." She said and they both went back.
     "Dad! Dad! I have good news for you." He happily ran to the house and called for his parents."Today my son is really happy. What happened, son? Did you win a lottery?" Jack went and hugged his dad."No dad. I won over a girl. The girl whom we saw on the tv." When his mother heard that, she dropped the plate she was holding and it broke into pieces.
     The father could not express his happiness. He never knew what to say."Good job son. Today, you made your dad proud and am happy that I got a son like you." They both hugged their son as his mother added,"Why don't you invite her to our house tomorrow son?" The son accepted and made a promise that he will sure make her come.

Will Lisa aka Lucy go with him? What will happen when she will go? Will her identity be known? Keep reading to find out. Drop a ❤ if the story keeps you to go on reading.
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