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Uninvited Guest
A Secret Revealed
The Nightmare
Love Confession
New Identity
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Happy End
Love Confession
    "Woow, she saved you. But you are going to be next. Let both the lovers die together hahaha." The man sarcastically laughed. Mark stood up with Lisa's blood on his hands. He was angry and wanted to kill the man right there but Andrea stopped him.
     Lisa was breathing heavily. Mark looked at Lisa and he saw the man's son. He pushed him hard directly on his father and they both fell on the floor."Andrea!Run with Lisa, I will deal with these people." Andrea hurriedly picked Lisa up and put her arms around her waist and Lisa's hand on her shoulder. She dragged her to the exist door.
       Mark took the gun and pointed it to them."All of you remain where you are. If any of you move, I'll kill all of you." He shouted as he headed for the door. Andrea called the police and the ambulance. When they heard the police siren, the gang ran away. The police looked for them but could not find them.
      Lisa was rushed to the hospital and was directly taken to the emergency room. Mark was in tears and never knew what to do. He regretted why he has never confessed before. He was worried about Lisa and wanted her to get out of danger. Hours passed but the doctors were still inside.
      After some more hours, the doctor came out and Mark rushed to him."How is Lisa? Is she gonna be ok?" The doctor told him not to worry as Lisa was out of danger."You can visit her after a few minutes, for now let the patient rest." Mark nodded and went to Andrea.
      Andrea was happy and she wanted to bring her something."Just wait here, I'll go and buy it for her." Mark said and left. Minutes passed and he was back with bouquet of flowers and gifts. He did not find Andrea there so he decided to enter the room. There he found Lisa still asleep and Andrea holding her hands.
       Suddenly, there was a phone call and Andrea looked at her phone. It was from her mother. She left to answer the call and Mark sat there. Andrea came back and saw Mark. She told him that she was called home and needed to go."When she will wake up, please tell me ok?" Andrea told Mark and he nodded.
    Night entered and Mark was still there. He got hold of Lisa's hand and started crying."I do not know where to start. I don't know what to tell you. But have been loving you since I saw you first." Mark started telling how he met her first.

Years back.........

We were neighbours with each other but we never knew each other. I was 3 years when my parents took me to your house. You were 1 years old and you might not remember me. When I was 16, and I saw the fights between your parents, I decided to leave you alone.
     I saw your mom taking you to school and that's when I heard of the accident which my parents were talking about. My parents said that they saw your dad selling the house but they never said anything since your dad threatened them. My parents told me to stay away from you even though I loved you and they never knew about it.
     We migrated and went out of this city. Years passed but I never heard of you. Only when you turned 20 and joined the university, that's when I saw you. You turned into a beautiful girl and I loved you even more but I was afraid to ask you out. I thought that maybe you moved on and forgot me and it turned out to be true.
     I decided to leave and that is when I heard that your dad was alive and  was in this city. That's when I decided to protect you because I loved you and still love you.

    When Mark finished his story, his head was on the bed and was crying. All of a sudden, he felt a hand on his head. He looked up only to find Lisa smiling at him. He happily raised his head and wiped off his tears and immediately called the doctors.
     The doctors hurriedly came and checked Lisa."She is out of danger and she is fine. She can go home tomorrow." The doctors left and Mark was really happy. He never knew what to do. He helped Lisa up from the bed and made her sit.
    Lisa smiled at him and told him she heard everything. Mark was stunned and was out of words."Lisa...I....." She put her index finger to his mouth making him to stay quiet."Am happy that you said your feelings to me or else how would I have known?"
    They both laughed and he cupped Lisa's face into his hand and moved closer to her. He kissed her forehead and then lips. Lisa never felt this nice before. She felt butterflies in her stomach and some electric feelings. After her mother's death, the only person who loved her was her best friend Andrea.
   After a short time, Andrea came as Mark called her. Andrea hugged Lisa but was careful not to hurt her. Lisa then remembered something."My dad should not know that am alive. He will want to kill me again. Let us fake my death until we capture him."
    "But how?" Both Andrea and Mark exclaimed together. Lisa told them about her plan and they both accepted.  Andrea went to the doctor and told him everything and luckily, the doctor accepted. Mark was at the police station and they were ready to help. A fake death certificate was made.
       Lisa's dad never came to the hospital but instead sent someone to see if it was true. After the news was confirmed, he came to the hospital in the middle of the night. Lisa was in the mortuary but was feeling cold. Her father came and Mark and Andrea hid. They removed a recorder and started recording.
       "Hahaha, I knew you won't survive just like your mother. Your mother was a pain and that is why I had to get rid of her. And now her daughter. What a coincidence that am still not caught until now because there is no proof against me. I sold the house and flee the city with it. It wasn't that hard to sell the house as your mother was a fool. Finally, I got rid of you and now I can stay in peace because your friends can't do anything."
       He left and Lisa stood up. They all got out after making sure they left. They were feeling cold but they got the proof they wanted. They took it to the police and decided to leave the city.

What will happen to Lisa? Will she be caught again or will her plan work? Keep reading to find out more.
© Princess Girl,
книга «The Mysterious Man».