Samantha William
🍎™ I am from the African continent. very humble author unlike others. So, welcome dear.
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Train Of Thoughts
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Clutch Onto a Illusionary Feeling
I let myself fall for it, the unreachable bright star. It's like his brightness was too sparky for the grey I once was stained with before. And all what we had is gone with the wind too far, I feel so small! I know he watches me bleed my love, rusted all over the floor. I remember everything that can be forgotten. I thought I knew it all, I seem to know nothing but a bit of him more. I wish I stop seeing my shadow everywhere I go.. I wish I could see more of him on the brick side wall. I wish the wishing is possible for us to get together once more. I wish only I could see his face instead the hole in my core. I feel broken, I feel so torn up. I feel just little, or I'm cracking off like an old wheel. I hadn't got to say goodbyes. He stays inside my deepest spot for as long as I'm liv this suck life.
Things got heavy, things got mixed. I wished you are here, as you promised to be next. Things got messy, things got hexed. My sight turns blurry, my faith got sniffed. My sisters said I'm dramatic, I say I'm only a drift. My father treats me like a soldier, when I'm a sunflower bairn. My mother judge like a jurist who was once a lame kid. The people of my town look at me as if I were a freak. The people of my town, said I behave like a clown. —S E William
I used to think in a positive way, I used to carry on with my day. I used it as an excuse not to kill me with any chance it takes. I walked out of my bubble; to get hit right in the face. I built my own reality; in order to escape this pain. I've been called different names, but none has made me feel this way. I liked to smile whenever I hear your name. I liked to call you even when it's too late. I made multiple times look like I needed help, but I only needed a glass to break. I have no idea if I was alive in this world, I have no idea why I'm still here on this road. —S E William