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On the path of dilemmas
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Вірші Всі
Silent Nights
In the stillness of a cosy night You lighten up in the scary blight of a winter scene, The dusky fog embarks me on a road unknown Where we walk ahead with reminiscences about stories old; The breath of yours falls over my face The warmth of yours fills my rigid gaps I wander in your trance A bit more with every breath I look on into those deep eyes As they speak to me The silent nights rests in peace As you ring up my heart With a special rhythm
Like the first times!
Like the first rain Drench me thoroughly in your trance Like the first beat Make my heart dance to your feel Like the first love Shine all over me with all you have Like the first kiss Be a memory that I carry deep within Like everything I love, Be someone I can rely on For the farthest possible time
Zombies to dead feelingS
Have I told you yet? Of how deep you are in there? In the chambers lit by your presence In the magic made under your trance? Let me take you deep inside, Watch out there as we dive in deep Embrace the darkness you see here And make sure to keep me near Listen to those unrhymed beats, No longer do they need you to feel You once broke them in pieces Now they realised how to beat without you as time ceases I have closed the door to my heart, My beloved You misunderstood me of keeping you in the depths No longer do I pay heed to you, Because I have a far more better muse So here is the chamber dark and clear Watch out your steps as I lead you there Who knows, Maybe the dead remains of the old me, Will scream at you being a zombie To your now called brighter days that rests in a queue