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The first day I met her I judged her by her looks I let the bad mind controls my emotions The mind of a merely 13 years old The voice that talks to me And the laughter that escaped her lips Did you see the gleam in her eyes That screams that there's no goodbyes I don't think she could ever hurt a fly So I trust her with all my heart Time flew Faster than the droplets of rain Faster than the heart that beats I don't want it to be the end We got a lot new adventure awaits It's just the prologue that ends So take your time as at the end of the road I'll wait Keep on smiling With that gleam To a new beginning With hearts full of dreams
All I Want Is Love
Behold! This is the greatest story of all Of a young woman that is bestowed To a man who is posh and plush among them all Is it because of love? Is it because of adoration? Or is it just vows? Nope, there was nix options She was forced He just laugh He flow down a river of dollar notes And asked, "Is it not enough?" From there she oppose With her own kind of prose "Live long enough Know more than half There is no sweetest luck But a love found in the dark A cry of a child Make a mother work hard Without a father by their side Tell me what kind of love is that? A cry of a pet Make his owner face his fear and dread To save the life of his only cat Tell me what kind of love is that? Love give you all kind of effects One that make you work hard One that would make you have courage in your heart But honey All I want is nothing as important as that Just show me the love I would never forget No money could buy the happiness such as that" Now that is how the story ends With love from both ends Have a little courage And make the world a fearless place To love and live and feast All the way from west to east
Mischievous Boy
Small feet running across the street With an empty tummy That is yet to be filled Oh look at that! It is an apple pie It looks so good behind the clear glass But oof, the baker won't let me pass If he saw me with one delicious slice Walking through the small alley In a mission of filling the grumbling belly There's a guy at the end of the street looking at me funny With old and shredded clothes just like one on my body "Look!" I yelled Pointing towards the bakery window From there comes the aroma of freshly baked bread That makes our mouth waters like never before "Quick!" I ushered him "Stuck your hands and rummage around for it." He passed me one Then he passed me two Then he passed me a frown That I do too The baker has come back Angry for his lost pieces of bread But the man can't pull his hand back So I run again with mouth full of bread