'One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing.' ~Socrates
Вірші Всі
Reversal to mode
I look down as I walk along A solitary figure in the pitch black night The cold getting to my bones The rocks piercing my bare soles Unwanted streams on my cheeks I lift my head to reverse the flow I now see the moon and stars The night was not so dark afterall Allowing myself to bask in their light Soothing warmth surrounds my skin Grass tickles my bare soles Lips curled in a determined grin I walk along looking skyward
Ironical twitch
She has come so far alone For a purpose but yet alone Admist a crowd alone In a conposition like a single note A small girl in a huge crowd In search of the moon light In the black dark night Gone since long is her laughter Yet there remains the twitch of her lips
I like the sound of you But in a fix I am shoved by you One time you say one thing And the next, I wonder if you mean the thing I am not cruel or vile I have in me a sweet innocent heart Rather child-like Quite like yours I have no intention of harming you Or hurting you True! We set on a discovery path And we are discovering along the path New horizons and hopes Please do share your sincere hopes For me to figure If I can deliver Is it true that what you say is not what your heart is screaming? Or is it true that what I say is not according to your brain's planning? As long as you are lost I am lost I do like the sound of you, inside-out But how to figure you out? Well-guarded gates take time to open up For whom it is applicable is a mix-up